A bowl of soup in the fall, stay away from the fall!


A bowl of soup in the fall, stay away from the fall!

Autumn soup three big supplements 1, 80% of the lungs fall is caused by the respiratory tract, or may be bronchitis, often drink soup in the fall can replenish the lungs, prevent respiratory diseases, but also improve immunity!

2, tonifying the kidney saying “one autumn kidney three virtual”, the year is the most prone to kidney deficiency season in the fall, especially for the relatively thin people, by drinking soup, you can nourish yin and kidney, reduce disease.

3, spleen fall easy internal dryness, causing dry mouth dry skin, skin itching, this is the performance of spleen deficiency, spleen can produce body fluid, moisten the body, spleen can often drink soup to supplement.

The following 10 autumn health soups are basically excellent in taste, and can also strengthen the body, prevent small problems in autumn, and take a minute to look at the health of the family.

Tremella soup[recommended with: red dates, 鏋告潪]1, qi and nourishing blood fall most common is the qi and blood loss, with carrots and red dates to drink, both nutritious, but also qi and nourishing, so that the soup is easier to be humanabsorb!

2, improve eyesight fall is most likely to dry eye fatigue, especially those who often play mobile phones, often drink white fungus soup, not only can enhance the resistance, but also relieve eye fatigue and improve vision.

3, autumn is easy to feel tired in autumn, this is the lack of autumn, the white fungus is rich in vitamins and iron and potassium, which can improve the lack of autumn, and can enhance physical fitness and fight the virus.

Carrot soup[recommended with: corn, red dates]1, prevent influenza After the fall, the flu also enters a high incidence period, usually drink some carrot soup, which can improve the resistance and increase the incidence of influenza by 50%, especiallyIt is the child who usually eats more.

2, bladder freckle want to completely remove the bladder spots, you can often drink white fungus soup.

3, calcium supplementation in the autumn is faster, the body needs to be replenished in time, carrot is rich in vitamin A, it can promote the body’s absorption of calcium, promote bone growth, especially in the developmental period of children should eat more.

Mushroom soup[best mix: green vegetables, eggs]1, Ukrainian hair is dry in autumn, hair is undernourished, it is easy to replace, even if the effect of using hair tonic is also general, it is better to drink more mushroom soup, slowly will growA dark, thick hair.

2, eye bags, eye bags, dark circles, heavy, you can often drink mushroom soup.

3, the strong tooth mushroom soup is not only nutritious, but also high in calcium and phosphorus, can clean teeth and prevent dental caries, protect teeth, especially children in the tooth replacement period, often drink will make the growing teeth very strong.

Winter melon soup[best match: seaweed, pork ribs]1, slimming slim autumn is the best season for weight loss and self-cultivation, some people spend a lot of money to buy diet pills, I do not know that melon is a weight loss product, it can turn adults into heatInstead of in vitro, there is no need to diet.

2, 80% of people who discharge kidney toxicity have different degrees of nephrotoxin, some people will not develop into nephritis slowly, melon can not only discharge kidney poison, but also prevent the occurrence of nephritis uremia.

3, clean up the lungs Many chronic coughs are caused by lung endotoxin. If you find that the effect of taking medicine is general, it is better to eat more melon, discharge the old man, and pressurize the lung heat cough.

Bean sprout soup[best match: tofu, shredded pork]1, bad breath bitter bitter bitter bad breath will seriously affect communication, people are very embarrassing, the general bad breath is caused by heat accumulation in the body, often eat bean sprouts can clear fire and heat,It has a good improvement in throat inflammation, mouth and bad breath.

2, skin itching often eat bean sprouts can relieve skin itching.

3, the bladder has acne often drink bean sprouts soup can improve acne skin.

Lotus seed soup[best match: rock sugar, 鏋告潪]1, lungs and cough into the autumn after the weather is cold, it is easy to cause cough and cough, lotus seeds and rock sugar drink, can lungs and cough, especially repeated cough is very helpful, usually in the morningDrink the best.

2, wrinkle and anti-aging often drink lotus soup can delay aging and improve wrinkles.

3, protect the heart into the autumn, the human blood vessel wall gradually shrinks into the high incidence of high blood pressure, lotus seeds are rich in alkaloids and vitamins, can prevent arrhythmia and cardiovascular disease, prevent cardiovascular disease.

Yam soup[best match: ribs, black chicken]1, gray armor often eat yam can prevent gray athlete’s foot.

2, autumn diarrhea autumn weather turns cold, most people will appear spleen and stomach weakness, causing autumn diarrhea, often drink yam soup, not only can spleen and stomach, but also improve resistance to resistance, prevent autumn diarrhea.