Peng Changyi said:“You just let go,If you really want to leave, we will find the driver to see you off,I heard that I have been here several times,Xiaoding won’t introduce us。”

Ding Yi Discrimination Theory:“No,Brother Lu Yuan leaves every time he comes,Never eaten here。”
Lu Yuan said:“The little girl said that,I came to either pick her up or send her off,All come and go。such,I and my little sister to all the leaders here,Thank you all for your help and support,this time,I do,Everyone is free。”Talking,Clink glasses with everyone,Talking“thank”,Finally raised his head and drank the wine in the glass。
After a few glasses of wine,Lu Yuan’s face was very red,My neck is red。At this moment,Peng Changyi picked up the cup again,To respect Lu Yuan,Ding Yi said:“Section Chief,Can’t let brother drink。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“why?How about you drink。”
Ding Yi remembered that he was drinking with his brother,He had already planned to get his brother drunk,Picked up the cup,Said:“Since the section chief said,I drank this glass of wine for my brother。”
Jiang Fan was stunned,He looked at Ding Yi and said:“Xiaoding,Nothing to do with you,Director Peng respects your brother。”
“But brother has to hurry,Too much to drive is too dangerous。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Not leaving today,Secretary Lin will open a room later。”
Ding Yi glanced at Jiang Fan,What just wanted to say,Lu Yuan took the wine glass,Said:“I can see,The leaders are kind,I do want to go back today,Can leave later,But please be merciful from the leaders,Drank this cup,I really can’t drink anymore,this year, I28Years old,Haven’t enjoyed a beautiful and happy life yet,Don’t let me make a mistake halfway。”Talking,Clink glasses with Peng Changyi,Just finished this glass of wine。
Everyone sees Lu Yuan’s sincere words,Reasonable,It’s hard to persuade。Lin Yan said:“I’ll arrange the room。”
Lu Yuan said:“No trouble,Just go back to my sister’s dormitory and lie down for a while。”
Jiang Fan said:“Rest close。”Talking,He waved his hand at Lin Yan。
Ding thought that he might have fewer opportunities to get along with the mayor in the future,She feels a little sad,Let the waiter pour himself a glass of wine,stand up,Said:“mayor,Xiaoding respects you,Please forgive me if you did something wrong before。”Speaking of which,Suddenly feel a little uncomfortable,Eyes are moist。
Jiang Fan glanced at her,There is a tenderness in my heart,Thinking of this girl cooking noodles for herself yesterday,But I treat her like that,I feel a little guilty,There is a trace of pain in my eyes,He can’t explain everything to Ding Yi,Some things can only be pressed in my heart。He stood up,Take a deep look at Ding Yi,Did not speak,Touch her a little,Just do it。
Ding closed his eyes,Also drank the wine in the glass。
Peng Changyi beside him booed:“Ding Yi’s performance is not soft today,Dare to drink,It seems that the people in the family are different。”
Ding Yi glanced at him,Said:“You are not talking about me65Is the Erguotou of Dudu smashing??”
“Ha ha,Why don’t i say that,Can you drink?”