Four methods of TCM health


Four methods of TCM health

First, the operation method of the molars and swallowing method: replace the distracting thoughts, relax the whole body, slightly close the lips, close the eyes, and then make the upper and lower teeth rhythmically attack each other, the number of times is not limited, and the use of exercise can gradually increase the molars.The number and intensity of the.

After the shot, use the tongue to stick the upper and lower gums in the mouth, the force should be soft and natural, first up and down, first inside and outside; when feeling the fluid is produced, don’t swallow and continue to stir, wait for the saliva to gradually increase, then with the tongueArrive on the crotch to gather saliva, drumsticks with saliva containing several times, and finally swallowed three times.

The above is a complete “claw tooth swallowing method”.

When doing it, it is better to do ten times. In the middle of the day, the teeth are ten times in the morning, in the middle and in the evening. Among them, the morning molars are the most important and the best is better.

Efficacy: Long-term adherence to the method of spleen and spleen, can achieve the purpose of strengthening the spleen, tonifying the kidney, strengthening the bones, strengthening the eyes, and honing the eyes.

Second, the combing method: two hands and ten fingers slightly curved into a claw type, combing from the front of the head to the rear, moderate force, repeated operation, also with horn comb, wooden comb instead of fingers.

Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that the head of a person gathers a plurality of meridians and blood vessels, which are 鈥渢he ancestors of the hundred veins鈥? They often comb their hair and can use the massage points to regulate the function of the meridians.

The meridians connect the five internal organs and the six sputum. The operation of qi and blood requires the transport of meridians. The meridians are smooth, the blood can be adjusted, and the function of the organs can be transported.

Therefore, often combing the hair can axially clear the meridians, regulate the blood, improve the circulation, and regulate the effects of the organs.

Third, the abdominal operation method: supine or sitting, first with the left palm of the abdomen fracture, the right palm is stacked on the left hand, clockwise around the navel and abdomen several times; then use the right palm to stack the left hand, counterclockwise several timesApply moderate force to the abdomen to avoid abdominal pain or discomfort.

Constipation, indigestion is mainly clockwise abdominal abdomen; diarrhea is mainly counter-clockwise abdominal abdomen; only conditioning, smooth, counterclockwise equal amount of times.

The abdomen and abdomen are carried out before going to sleep at night and before going to bed in the morning. The Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen is the official city of the internal organs, and the spleen and stomach are the hubs for the lifting and lowering of the human body. Only when it clears and turbid, can it be normalized.

And the abdomen and abdomen pass and up and down, divide the yin and yang, go to the old and new, and enrich the five internal organs.

Modern medicine believes that phlegm and diarrhea in the stomach and abdominal wall muscles are strong, increase the secretion of digestive juice and gastrointestinal motility, promote blood circulation, and facilitate the digestion and absorption of food.

It should be noted that urination should be drained before the abdomen, and it should not be done under full or thirst.

Fourth, the operation of the Tiantian drum: the palms of both hands cover the ears, the five fingers are inserted into the back of the brain, the index finger is pressed against the middle finger, and the two bones are used to make the sound after the index finger.

Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is open to the ear, and the kidney is full of hearing; the ear is in the brain, the brain is the sea of the marrow, the marrow is dependent on the essence of the kidney, and the kidney is lacking.Cause dizziness, tinnitus.

The practice of “sounding the drums” and the sniper can stimulate the ear, can achieve the adjustment of kidney, strengthen the effect of solid kidney, dizziness, forgetfulness, tinnitus and other symptoms of kidney deficiency must have prevention and rehabilitation.

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