Chai Rong first rushed to the scene。
Chai Rong stretched out his hand and touched Wu Tingfang’s pulse.,He couldn’t help screaming。
Zhang Laoba、Xie Zhou heard the call,Hurried over。The eyes of the two quickly focused on Wu Tingfang’s body。
Looking at Wu Tingfang’s body,Xie Zhou’s face suddenly changed,Cried out:“Oh my god,This……This,This is definitely the ancestor of Wu Tingfang?Is it really Chen Xiu’s hand??”
“what!Wu Tingfang http://www.skinami.cn is dead?We won’t misunderstand people?”Looking at Wu Tingfang’s corpse with a big hole in his chest,Zhang Laoba’s eyes are full of shock。
Xie Zhou said with a wry smile:“We told the ancestor Wu to come and catch Chen Xiu。In addition to Chen Xiu, who can kill his old man?!
Wu Tingfang is really dead!
He is a second-rate master,I got my heart pierced by myself!
The craziest thing is,He actually died in Chen Xiu’s hands!
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Chai Rong glanced at the forest in the distance,Sighed:“Tell the ancestors to come over,Chen Xiu’s affairs are no longer what people of our realm can intervene!”
“Toot”The stern whistle resounded through the forest in an instant,For a time,This peaceful forest suddenly became lively,Hundreds of figures flashed in the forest quickly……
Half an hour later,The eight great families except Liu Dunyue,The other seven ancestors http://www.wtxwifi.cn all came to the scene。