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Bubble Eye Elimination Strategy


first aid!
Bubble Eye Elimination Strategy

Eye edema is mainly because the skin under the eyes is very thin and loose, causing moisture to stay there.

  Methods to clear: 1.

Clean eye circles carefully before going to bed.


Chilled cucumber with slight firming properties can be used, sliced on the eyelids and rested for ten minutes.


Using several pillows as high pillows and high sleep methods will naturally reduce swelling.


Thin slices of raw potatoes or pressed into the eyes for 15 minutes are also effective methods for swelling.

  But if you get up early in the morning, you will notice that your eyelids are swollen and you have no time to care.

How can this be?

  The upper and lower eyelids are raised, the eyelids are swollen, and the eyes look smaller. The focus of makeup is to use eye shadows and bright colors to make the swollen eyelids flat or sunken.

First of all, to make the swollen upper eyelid look deep, you can apply a dark and dark foundation as a thin layer, and apply it to the entire eye socket to make it flat, so that the background has a low depression. It must be matched with a bright color.

For example, under the eyebrows and under the eyelids, apply the bright three-dimensional title.

  The upper eyelid has a two-tone shade, but brown or gray without a red tint is suitable.

Because the brown series has an adult taste, the gray series has a natural feel.

When the upper eyelid is blended up, the hue should be changed from deep to light.

  The eyeliner extends slightly from the upper end of the eye to the outside, and the clear eye area slows down the impression of eyelid edema.

The end of the eyebrow cannot be trimmed too thinly, otherwise the eyelids will appear, the eyes will look more swollen, and the eyebrows should be thicker, but slightly straight, which can cover the puffy eyelids to a certain extent.