When these people look,Very shocking。 Actually now,Deep in their hearts,I didn’t expect such a thing at all。 But look at these again,At this moment,Those around,I’m very excited。 And Zhou Xinlin smiled:“in fact,This thing can ensure everyone’s profit。” “We must short the company as soon as possible,such,Our chance to start,Will greatly increase!” When Zhou Xinlin was […]

http://www.333ct.cn “Awfully……”

who knows,Suddenly there is a trembling of a big land,Let Shen Xuan transferred the hand shake a few times,Not turned。 “What situation?” Wu Dadoy is also an inexplicable heart.,Worry:“What is this moving??” Shen Xuan only looked at it,Rapida thinks,It is excited in your eyes.! Black bear is coming! “nothing,It’s my friend.。” Shen Xuan looked at […]

“I don’t need you,I also know,This has the effect,If everyone can see what we are doing like this,Do you say the plan still works?“Xia Jian said,Can’t help but laugh。

When Wang Lin heard Xia Jian say this,,I feel a little relieved。Two people then chatted,Hung up。Xia Jian is thinking about how to solve the funding problem again。 About an hour later,Han Xue came back with the computer on his back,She turned on the computer for Xia Jian,And told Xia Jian the power-on password,Plugged him in […]

“Nothing,Everything is the same as。It’s just that the princess called Jianning has come four times.。”

“bother you for something。” “Yin god big people。I heard that because the gods of the gods, the cause of the Tianzhan City kill the Yang god Li Chongyang。” “They all worn into your ears.?” “Forgive sin。Slave is http://www.iyinrui.cn also a mobile pass between listening。” “I don’t blame you again.。It’s just whispered how fast it will […]

This sentence,Suddenly let Hu Zhenhua have changed。

He made an answer in http://www.senanplastic.cn actual actions。 Bamboo。 Backward back half,Tight body,Direction before and after both hands,Pull away。 “Hey。” Qin Weijun was acknowledged,“Unbearable force。” Bamboo。 Talk,The whole body shape is a sharp arc,I left a resilience in the ground.。 “kill!” Hu Zhenhua exploded,Overturnt,Right boxing,Fist,Take a whistling,And his left hand is close together,Wrist,那。 Heavens,Let Hu […]


Chai Rong first rushed to the scene。 Chai Rong stretched out his hand and touched Wu Tingfang’s pulse.,He couldn’t help screaming。 Zhang Laoba、Xie Zhou heard the call,Hurried over。The eyes of the two quickly focused on Wu Tingfang’s body。 Looking at Wu Tingfang’s body,Xie Zhou’s face suddenly changed,Cried out:“Oh my god,This……This,This is definitely the ancestor of […]


明眼人都可以看出来,现在能够跟吉连交手的,只有夜哉还有孙悟空。 而此时比起他们,紧张的应该是第十一宇宙,因为时间仅剩十分钟,但是第十一宇宙想要获胜的话,必须打败他们所有人。 而第七宇宙,那怕吉连打败了最后抵抗的夜哉跟孙悟空,他们第七宇宙依旧还剩下两个人。 按照“力量大会”的规定,获胜的还是他们第七宇宙。 而十七号跟十八号,也就是夜哉上得最后一道保险。 而这已经按照最坏的情况考虑,吉连想在短短的十分钟之内,一连击败他跟孙悟空。 然后再找到十七号跟十八号,瞬间再将两个人淘汰,并不是一件简单的事情。 At this time, Ji Lian,似乎也发现了夜哉的意图,看了一样各自分开逃离的十七号跟十八号,想也不想就朝着其中一道身影追去。 显然吉连也明白,这场力量大会想要获胜,必须先排除实力较弱的其他人。 刚刚跟夜哉有过短暂的交手,吉连很快就判断出,夜哉的实力很强,但是还不及自己。 只要把第七宇宙稍弱的几人先淘汰,So the rest of the time defeats the night,Not completely no possible。 Looking at the figure of Jilian bucks to the 18th,Night is naturally impossible,I quickly rushed over again.。 But for the front of the front,Ji Lian has not retained this […]

Summer faceless expression,Immediate turn。

He walks with Victoria in the forefront。 See this,People behind them have followed。 More than ten minutes,Stop again。 Everyone’s face is difficult to see the pole。 I returned to the origin again.。 I can’t even find out the exit.。 NS2707chapter Strange In the channel,Those more than 30 people are silent。 No one speaks。 Walking like […]

http://www.putao365.cn “Long time《God》Can live back,Chu Long let me see it.?”Pity star as much as possible。

After the entanglement of a fight,Pity has decided,This time……I will not let my sister! It’s so speech before the flower moon.? Don’t have a difference…… About the attitude change,Chu Deirers also have no strange,perhaps……It is a change policy.。 Chu Deiren stared at the small hole.,Then take a few steps,This has been turned:“kindness,Pair of palm。” I […]

“Do Xuan Ge wants a single horses??”

…… Shen Xuan is also very speechless,This big yellow is something,I don’t listen to it.,But you call twice,Still is willing。 This time,Erochid twice,Did not hear the same,This is what I ignore myself.。 Excessive! Shen Xuan walked directly,I pulled the rhubarm.。 “go,go,With me!” “Lick……” The big yellow http://www.eiviy.cn wronned two throats,Facelessness,Standing on the side of Lin […]