Simat to split this world!Destroy everything block。

Sweeping everything。 In fact。 If possible,Gano really doesn’t want to sword。 He is almost uncomfortable with the summer position.,I have wanted to kill it several times.。 But at the moment, I have to desperately desperate。 He is very clear,If the summer is killed,He can’t live。 Absolutely no luck。 He can only expect,Summer is killed in […]

“I have heard that there is a definite Lake military construction teams often come and go over there。”King Wan sooner or later they are going to set the Lake,But things have to go through the 5th directorate consent to it。

Ouyang Jianping thought strange question:“Dingshan Lake Woodman?We heard how。” “I also went to Lake given only heard of。” “Small nine,You do not believe we do?” Ouyang Jianping always thinks that Rui is just a military ace agent,Because he’s the devil six Zheng Yaoxian sworn brother,But the annihilation of several beautiful lake and set up Wuhu […]

Just when four bodyguards left Jin Penghai,He is flying,It seems uninterested to wipe the two banana skin to kick the direction of Jinpenghai。

One of the banana skin is later,Another step is just a step in front of Jin Penghai。 More coincidentally,It is Jin Penghai just raised his feet.,Then fall。 No accident,Just step on it。 He is more drinking.,Plus, it is a fat man,No slightly prevention is a 趔趄。 If it is a common man, step on […]

Press the fragrant fragrant,Before you have not caused a hint of damage yet,It’s spread by the violent spirit.。

Be right,Night no special defense,Just just violent flexible flow,Just“Teeth tits”Disperse! Instantaneous moment in violent spirits,There are also two attacks on the front and rear guards in the corner of Kurosaki.。 Huge black moon,Press the left hand of the night,It seems to go forward,But it is greatly resistant。 And the endless hands holding dragon grain […]

Organized,Liu Qingqing called call him to eat together。

But let the summer accident,When he came to the chairman’s office,Liu Qingqing suddenly said,“Call Shang Luo Qianjin together。” Summer picking your eyebrows,Eye gods。 “After the resignation of Qinling,Her work is temporarily alternatively,I am very worried about this time.。” Toned,Liu Qingqing glanced over the summer,Rotating and low-eye,哝 哝,“I have to get a good cage.,In case of […]

Northern Shaolin,Ding and Zheng Leung,If they spell,After that, there is a space of the water to touch the fish.。

Chengkun is waiting for the opportunity,And the Chu Deirers waited for Chengkun waiting time…… Deluman people,I have already locked him.,At this point,Just waiting for him to fight,Chu Deirens immediately strongly,Fighting yourself suffering,At that time! It is equivalent to the embarrassment,A record with Chengkun,Mingzi life and death,Cheng Kun, nine dead life、Need seriously,Exclusive、Most of the robbery is […]

Malthya who has already founded Niu Niu in playing,Try to cooperate with the requirements of Niu Niu。After all, you have to play.!

“grandfather,You can sprinkle it all.!Sprinkle is even!” Niu Niu stationed on Tian Yu,She is very self-known,I have a little short.,I am afraid that even my legs can’t find it.。At that time, it’s dirty.,Going home must be awkward。 “Niu Niu came to work with Grandpa.!Su Lao Ge,You are really reluctant,The little girl pulling a photo of […]

“Uncle Aunt came with a super beautiful beauty.,Say that woman is your girlfriend,Is it true??”

Willow, this exit,Li Hui’s whole person is stunned.。 Why didn’t he think of it will encounter his father?。 Especially there is Xu Ru。 “Hey-hey,Sweet sister,If I say it is true,Will you be angry??” “You said that I will not be angry.!” Chapter 1111 I heard the slightest sound of Liu Xu,Li Hui’s heart is […]