Luscious tonic coarse rice ribs soup

Luscious tonic coarse rice ribs soup

Taking the time to cook in higher work can not only relieve the pressure of fast-paced life, but also feel the joy of sharing delicious food with friends and family.

If you want to make delicious meals, you will need ingredients and seasonings that are hand-to-hand and mouth-to-mouth, and you need to know all kinds of dishes.

After that, Life Home launched the Life Home Food DIY series to meet your various needs and help you make a table of food feasts that will astound your attention!

  Coarse rice refers to whole grains that are retained except the outer shell, that is, rice that contains the skin layer, aleurone layer and germ. The texture is harder than ordinary white rice, it takes time to cook, but the nutrition is higher.

As much as possible, crushed rice is used as a porridge, but try the ribs soup. The strong rice flavor sets off the sweetness of the pork ribs. The taste is fresh and unique. At the same time, it can absorb animal proteins and help absorb collagen.

  3-4 servings: 1.

Crude oil is washed for two to three hours; 2.

2. Wash and chop the ribs, pick up the water and rinse; 3.

Wash the red dates and pat them to the core; 4.

Boil water, add all ingredients, cook for 20 minutes on Wuhuo, turn to low heat for one and a half hours, and season with salt.

  Efficacy: rich in iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamins, proteins, sugars, improve human immune function, detoxify laxative, moisturize and beauty.

  ● Gourmet Science Hall In the wave of eating coarse grains in recent years, fine rice is one of the main protagonists.

Rough rice is rice that has just been removed from the outer shell and retains some outer tissues, such as the cortex, aleurone and germ. It is available at vegetable markets, supermarkets, and rice shops.

Although the taste of micron rice is harder than that of polished white rice, these outer tissues contain 60% -70% of rice’s vitamins, minerals and a large number of essential amino acids. The protein content is better, and it also retains supplementary fiber.Obese people are particularly beneficial.

  The average person consumes plasma rice to improve human immune function, promote blood circulation, eliminate depression and irritability, prevent cardiovascular disease, anemia, constipation, bowel cancer and other effects.

  Because the fine rice is dense and dense, it has a rough texture. You can soak it before cooking. Generally, it can be used for porridge. It can also be mixed with polished white rice to cook rice.

If the elderly have a bad tooth, they can use a soymilk to grind shallow rice milk, or add cooked lime rice to the water and put it in a blender to eat.

For something special, coarse rice can be used for soup or tea.

We have introduced a prototype for cooking soup, and it is actually very simple to make tea. After scouring the rice, stir fry in a pan without oil, stir-fry until the rice grains are slightly yellow, and pour into the boiling water. Turn off the heat and soak immediately.After 5 minutes, you can filter out rice grains and drink water, which can detoxify and lose weight.

In fact, the confinement mothers in Guangdong have always had the habit of drinking fried rice water instead of boiling water, which is called “dispelling the wind”.

  We have all heard that insisting on washing your face and washing your hair with Taomi water has a good effect, fair skin and black hair. The effect of using Taomi water with dark rice is more prominent, and it is not fresh Taomi water, even for ten and a half daysFor months, it becomes sour and sticky.

Just a few days ago I watched the CCTV program and interviewed the well-known Dai dance artist Dao Meilan. She has been washing her hair with sour alkaline rice washed rice in accordance with her hometown habits. She is now in her 60s and her hair is still dark and dense.

Of course, to have such an effect depends on your physical fitness and patience, but at least there are successful examples to give you a demonstration.

  ● Beautiful soup heart water 1.

Crude rice is soaked and easy to boil.


Dip coriander and soy sauce in dipping sauce, like spicy and add chili sauce, add dipping ribs, and it will become a good dish for dinner.


Add some melon and carrots to the soup.


This soup can add more rice and less water to make a porridge.