In a fanatical organization like the Scarlet Crusade, you have not lost your heart.,Tailan is a good seedling worth cultivating,But how to get along with Tirion is a matter for the two of them,Carlos doesn’t want to interfere too much。

Tell Taelan,Your father is a hero,Affirmation from a king,It’s enough for Tailan。
The bloody plot of the meeting of Fording and his son,Can be called love and family,Carlos has a comfortable feeling of understanding his wish。
But it turns out that other people’s children are role models,Before leaving for Lordaeron,What does Carlos think about his son?。
Logically,Alphonse has reason to blame Carlos,I was absent for ten years in my childhood。
Change to another father,May feel guilty towards the child。
But Carlos is not another father,Azeroth’s ten years was just an exhausting alien adventure for him。
Go home for more than three months,Son is ten years old……
ITMDStill a child,Not ready to be a father at all。
Carlos didn’t realize it himself,He didn’t adjust his mentality to get along with Alphons,I can only passively remember and copy my father Alex.Barov’s approach。
However this is not fair to Alphons。
Carlos is a transcendence rebirth,He started planning to usurp the country and seize power at the age of six,That’s really a good son of a good brother and father of the people,Can sprint and fight wolves empty-handed。
Ask for a real child by your own evil standards……
It’s a hell to be pleasing to the eye!
Slim,Qijia,Rule the country,Ping Tianxia。
Carlos thinks that only self-cultivation can do the best。