“Long time《God》Can live back,Chu Long let me see it.?”Pity star as much as possible。

After the entanglement of a fight,Pity has decided,This time……I will not let my sister!
It’s so speech before the flower moon.?
Don’t have a difference……
About the attitude change,Chu Deirers also have no strange,perhaps……It is a change policy.。
Chu Deiren stared at the small hole.,Then take a few steps,This has been turned:“kindness,Pair of palm。”
I saw the Chu Debans to sit in front of himself.,Pity star and he regarded it for a while,First face is a red,But it has resumed some of the two palace main majesty,Red face is still generous,only……Then I think what I thought.,Some tangled look。
Why Chu Dee is always improving himself in this regard?
Originally pity, only when he is inexplicably,But now……Her heart is biased towards some Chu Deirers.,Naturally think more——What is my sister to do with him??So he makes him to the woman……
Chu Deirers are beginning to wonder,Why“Moon”Performance,More complicated,I have already seen what she wants to express.!
But in the eyes of the two,The most important thing is to be treated first,As long as you are experiencing than yourself,More stronger“Moon”,Ability to completely recover,Whether it is rushing out,Still what other ways,More operating space is much more。
I saw that the Chu Deiren blocked the water wave.,Gradually spread to the pity in front of the front……
Fortunately“God sensation”People treatment,Don’t need to cooperate with each other,So, even if the pity star has always been,It is also very smooth。
Not long,Pity star feels that the body is stimulated,Several viscera and meridians of the original injury,Both gradually moisturizing in the vitality,Nearly healed……
Chapter 512 Si Lingzhi
After the other person’s vitality,Chu Deeng“Moon”I have hocked myself.,After she is born,Chu deer people ask:“What is the old thing??”
If you change to an ordinary woman,Maybe it will be uncomfortable——Why don’t you care about my injury??
However, though the star has always lived in the shadow of your sister.,But it is also the second palace of the flora palace.,Sense of feelings,It can be aware of it.。
Now I am still insurgered with Chuong yet.,External fighting,Outside the old monsters may not be gone.……
“Si Lingzhi。”Pity star。
I am in question,Pity Star has been explained:“Dragon Phase of the Two Stars。”
“Dragon phase?Two stars are not‘mouse’Is it respect??Unable tooth……Is it more difficult than this old guy??”Chu Deirers have some big heads。
According to the twelve stars,Spend the highest martial arts,It should be the Tiger Suai Mountain Jun,And the most terrible、Also as their head,It is the Weiyou, the Wei Dao……
As for the dragon phase,There is no appearance in the original。
“Do not,When the stinky mouse is not in the old nest,Can’t arouse the old monster one hand,Even in his old nest,May not be able to Nai’s old monster……As for the rat phase, it is right.,The two stars are also starting from six hundred years ago.,Just in the inheritance of the rivers and lakes,Their martial arts,Both related to the beast。
It is also the mouse, the mouse, the mutual protection.,After a reduction,Responsible for picking new heirs。But the old monster,But the grandfather of the stinky mouse,Material is also ignored。”Pity explained。
“Grandfather?Wei’s no tent is still unmarried.?His grandfather……Such high martial arts,Actually there is no name。”Chu Deirers are still a bit wonderful。
Although I know this“Si Lingzhi”,It is very likely to be in the original“Unknown”The old monster,But Chu Deirers still can’t understand,If you are nameless“Unknown”NS?
It’s a very bad person,Martial arts is so high,How can I have an earth-shattering bad thing??
Even philosophical understanding,Chu Deirers also feel the so-called“Unknown”,It should refer to the power of one person,Bring the morality of the whole society,Naturally, you are not famous.……
Otherwise, the Chu Deirers feel explained。
“He used to be famous,But it is at least seventeen years ago.……Dragon Phase of the Two Stars,Original title is‘Row’,Yes, I am trying to cultivate myself with pig Poon and snake.……”
Chu Deirers know,At this time“Piglet”,It should be a crocodile、Royal crocodile。
Means of,Dragon needs and two animals——Crocodile、snake——Double repair?
indeed,after all“Dragon”Fantasy creatures,It’s hard to be the same as other stars.,There is a special animal……
Pity Star continues to say the focus:“But this old monster,Gone,I found a tyrannosaurus in a sleeping,And sleep,Be seriously injured……Normally,When you sleep in the beast,Even if you can’t get any benefits?,But the old monsters use the 2nd stars,Forcibly plundering a part of the true elements of tyrannosaurus,So martial arts。
Seventy years ago,He himself‘Si Lingzhi’,Grandpa with the stinky mouse,Join hands to be a wealth of martial arts,I have also set off countless hurricane.……”
“Then later?”Chu Deiren saw her stop,Can’t help but ask。
“Later, Zhang Zhen people shot,Two stars and respective death,Even the first time the four spirits is also in the battle with Zhang Zhen.,Seriously injured,After that, the surname was buried for decades.,Even in the past ten years,Occasionally,I don’t dare to be too big Zhangqi drums.,and……He left old injuries that year.,May not be mad,There is no specific purpose,Zhang Zhen people have not chased him in the world.。”Pity star tells the key。