“PDX101” producer admits ranking fraud, survey results released at the end of the month

On November 7th, according to Korean media reports, the producer An Junying, who was suspected of being fraudulent in the ranking of the “Product” talent show, admitted the fraud in the rankings of “PDX101” played this year and “PD48” played last year.On November 5, An Junying appeared in the Seoul Central District Court and accepted […]

Hans Zimmer will score 007: No Time to Die instead of Dan Romo

Hans Zimmer will score “007: No Time to Die” instead of Dan Romo Sauna Night News January 7, according to foreign media reports, Hans Zimmer will serve as the soundtrack for “007: No Time to Die” (hereinafter referred to as “007”), replacing Dan Romo who previously exited.It is reported that Dan Romo and director Kerry […]