1145 illegitimate child On a straight road。 A pair of bullock carts,Is driving fast。 Chen Xiu sat in a bullock cart and looked through and studied what he had snatched from Hu Mazi《Miles chasing the wind》。 This is the third day after leaving Longxi Village,It has also left the jurisdiction of Qinghe Town。 “ Miles […]

Palace clear,I ate a honey fruit that grows in the river.,Then under the protection of other teammates,CompleteGEHuman harvest。

GEOthers still want to resist,But the Palace Qing Wen is escorted in the teammates.,GEThis last defense can only be said that it doesn’t hurt.。 Chapter 42 First first city On the fieldottoSingle kill,In addition toottoMyself,It is the two people in the unintended and the audience under the stage.。 In the http://www.zyxwq.cn long-lasting cheers and shouts,Two […]

Just sort out the things posted on the official account,Put together a book,You can easily make hundreds of thousands,Such a good thing,why not?

But what theme should I choose for the second book,Still let him struggle。 Continue to compile the hypocritical articles on the public account into a book,Some seem to be too perfunctory。 Discussed with Liu Qing,Decided that the second book is no longer selling hypocrisy,But to sell cats。 The title of the second book is tentatively《Xiao […]

In this world,There are too many women who don’t marry men。

Even if Shen Huan dislikes her age and decay in the future,I still have a baby boy。 That’s a very happy life! ———— First604chapter Betting 6month2number。 at night8point,Inside the Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Ohio Cleveland Cavaliers,Can be described as a sea of people。 Can accommodate21000People’s Quicken Loans Arena,Already seated now25000People up and down。 […]

The poisonous purple-black blood exploded from the tail……

Corroded the surrounding land to purple and black…… The purple-gold rattlesnake with its tail severed wailed in pain,Obviously understand that this pedestrian is not something it can afford,Twitching half of his tail decisively, wagging towards the rear and fleeing…… Xuan Ziwen speaks“Stop it,It wants to run away!” Qianyu Cold Channel“No need!” immediately,He pressed the button […]

But the Shen sisters are lucky!

First organizational battle,It played a brilliant result of winning more with less,Famous all over the world,This kind of good luck that is especially favored by God,I haven’t seen one for thousands of years,And the only time,I was hit by these yellow-haired little girls so wickedly。 In fact, the Shen family girls are more suitable to […]

“I am telling the truth,This is also called thick-skinned?”

Bai Tao’s tangled question。 “Ugh……Now I want to say that this kid is not Liu Xiaoyun’s brother,I’m afraid no one will believe it。” Yang Shiyun smiled and shook his head,Exclaimed。 “Is not!Sister Shiyun,What do you mean?I just finished talking about his thick skin,You said he was not my brother!You mean I have a thick skin […]

“When was the last time he sent you money?”

Bai Qingsong continues to ask。 “he……He never sent us money,We used to send him money,Later he got a good job,Don’t want us to help him,He is older,Promising,I can’t rely on my parents。” The old woman said with relief,But Bai Qingsong was full of feelings,He frowned,I suddenly felt awkward。 “Young man,Why haven’t you come home so […]

Revenue ranking of the world football coach, earning 40.5 million Euros annually

The top ten coaches in the world football revenue.The Beijing News said that the players are the focus of football games, but alternating with the development of modern football, the position of the head coach is getting higher and higher.This is evident from their income.The transfer market quoted “French Football” data showing that in this […]

They are no longer old material can shoot 10 films

“They are no longer old” material can shoot 10 films “They are no longer old” was released on November 11 through the National Arts Federation internally and won 8 in Douban.A high score of 8.  ”Over the years, many people have asked me if I wanted to make a movie about World War I, but interestingly, […]