who knows,Suddenly there is a trembling of a big land,Let Shen Xuan transferred the hand shake a few times,Not turned。 “What situation?” Wu Dadoy is also an inexplicable heart.,Worry:“What is this moving??” Shen Xuan only looked at it,Rapida thinks,It is excited in your eyes.! Black bear is coming! “nothing,It’s my friend.。” Shen Xuan looked at […]

Not in the past,No need to come out from him.,He is still acceptable。

Just finished with Xu Ruzhen,Su-cool phone has also been hit。 “Lee brother,How is the apple in the orchard?? It’s mature last year.,This year, this is August.,It should be mature.?” Remind this by Suyang,Li Hui also remembers Apple in the orchard。 And for Apple,He is a point of management。 It is completely apple to grow by […]


“Look back,Don’t leave.,You are awake。” “Casa is gone.,Is this not sent??” “What is Casa??Is this not boast??” “Don’t go!” …… Every audience,They all express their emotions with the barrage。 Obviously,This emotion is no way,Passing the Screen to the Casa in the picture。 Just in the amor number of people getting more and more nervous。 […]

Lu Shanshan sees Shen Zhiyue’s grievances,Completely different from the past,She sighed,In front of love,Even the best people have low self-esteem。

She approached Shen Zhiyue,Hug his shoulders lightly:“I didn’t like Xu Shuang,I just think he sings well,He speaks very interesting,And Linda keeps getting me and Xu Shuang together,I have to have a good relationship with him,The relationship is too bad and it is difficult to interact。Talk about finding someone,I think your brother is better。” Shen Zhiyue […]

Don’t tell me,This rushed person。

Stopped one after another,Dare not continue to rush up。 Afraid of a while,Lin Yu ate figs,a while,Oneself,Can’t bear the anger of the teacher。 “on,Snatch this fig。” “If he dares to eat,Then catch this person,Eat his flesh and blood。” “Fig,It’s impossible to be consumed so quickly by him。” “and,Even if it is consumed cleanly,Eat his body,Is […]

But who knows,The girl hugged the thief tightly,As if afraid he would run away。</p>

Su Luo tried three or four times,Are ultimately fruitless,Plus the action may be a bit big,Still woke her up。</p> Su Luo watched her wake up,Eyeballs rolled,Lie down quickly,Close your eyes,Pretending that nothing happened。</p> Ju did wake up,Awake,open one’s eyes。</p> Subconsciously stretched out a hand to rub his eyes,Suddenly felt something was wrong,I seem to be […]

scene,Instant sensation,Lead to Ye Tianzong’s family,Penalized by the population。

“fool!” “You fool!” “roll roll roll!” Zhang Chunqin is mad,Roar loudly,Rush over,Pull his ears,Hammer his chest,I also explain to you。 but,No one listens to her,There is only one requirement,Let them get out。 “son in law,What are you doing?” Ren Dongguo is also helpless。 Even though he knows this son-in-law is capable,But don’t be crazy,Don’t see […]

Shen Ruoxue asked a question first。

“Yep,Dad was a soldier too,Of course I know,Dragon Soul is the best in our country,The most powerful secret organization,Is a world-famous special forces,It is said that the boss of Dragon Soul,At the same time the world’s number one soldier,But there has never been only his various legends,No one has ever seen him。” Shen Chengxian told […]

Jiang Fan said:“How do you know?”

Fan Wenliang said:“I guess,Some comrades must have taken up Xiaoding’s time。” “Haha。”Jiang Fan and Wang Jiadong both laughed,Ding Yi also covered his mouth and smiled。 Jiang Fan said:“Wrong me,Just for you,I have to get something for you too,We originally planned to go back to Beijing tomorrow,Then go to your home to visit,By the way, Ding […]

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