Early next morning,Zhang Muyang opened his eyes and saw the old lady busy in front of the stove。Zhang Jinfeng didn’t sleep well last night,All thoughts are on the child。As usual,Zhang Muyang sleeps very poorly,Quilt often,Night sweats,I wake up when I fall asleep,Sleep and wake up again,Today is a night’s sleep,Didn’t sweat much。

Zhang Muyang got up,“mother,Where’s Master Kang?” “Master Kang is in the yard,Waiting for you to get up and see how you learned last night。” Zhang Muyang Sa Yazi ran out of the room。“Master Kang early!” “Good boy,How did you sleep last night?”“Very good,just got up,Master, you are the true God of Kung Fu,Put the disciple […]

Sent out the door,As if looking back to say something,But in the end nothing said,Just smiled at Lin Dong,What does Lin Dong want to say?,The same don’t know what to say。

In the end, I just smiled back,And waved。 Seeing as if waiting for someone to get into Hu Xinyi’s car,And go away quickly,Lin Dong stood for a while,Just turned around and returned to the courtyard。 Qin Xiaomi saw it as if she left,Relieved,But as I left,She calmed down too。 What is she doing tonight? Could […]

Murong Xiaoyao said with a sweet smile。

“No need to,You and your mother Shiyun,Sister Yanzi, let’s go in,I’m smoking a cigarette here,obedient。” Qin Liang smiled and pushed Murong Xiaoyao to Yang Shiyun’s side…… It’s getting dark,Occasionally a light flashes from a dark wood,Surrounded by the calls of unknown insects,Qin Liang really lit a cigarette,Then I wandered in front of the courtyard。it feel […]

The archer was also stunned,With their low and poorAIdegree,Follow the system settings,They should squat steadily behind the Golden Shield and want to output!

Besides, several archers are now in a state of attack stiffness,It’s impossible to resist。 The poor archer and other teammates,I watched Du Jueming’s Songfeng Sword pierce his throat bit by bit.,A sharp pain came from my throat,The archer wanted to raise his hand to cover the wound but couldn’t do it,A chill invades the whole […]

Liu Xiaoyun still asked unconvinced。“I have a hasty!You are so embarrassed to say?Knowing that the other party is holding a gun,You still have to stand up and challenge others?You are no more!Said you so many times,You just don’t listen,You have to work hard as Sanniang!Say it yourself;Did you take what I said to your heart??

So embarrassed to entangle me?” Qin Liang suddenly complained a lot of words!Liu Xiaoyun is dumbfounded…… “Boss!So you are here too!Don’t blame Little Junior Sister,It’s all mine……If I don’t follow them,,It’s all right。” Lin Hao saw Qin Liang suddenly“From the sky”Up,Surprised and happy,But he still didn’t forget to take responsibility for this fairy-like little junior […]

Chinese women’s volleyball team won South Korea’s championship with zero seals Lang Ping: Not yet leading Asia

Chinese women’s volleyball team won South Korea’s championship with zero seals Lang Ping: Not yet leading Asia Five-star red flag, you are my pride; five-star red flag, I am proud of you. In the passionate singing of the fans, as Zhu Ting hit the final position on the fourth position, the Chinese women’s volleyball team […]

After 30 years old, Yang Chenglin wants to delete his unconfidence | Mission Impossible

After 30 years old, Yang Chenglin wants to “delete” his unconfidence | Mission Impossible In an exclusive interview with Sauna Yee, Yang Chenglin said that he is a person who is good at integrating trivial affairs and controlling time. Communicating with the creators in person can feel the emotions communicated by each other more intuitively, […]