6 big netizens to teach you skin care tips

_1 6 big netizens to teach you skin care tips It is convenient and unobtrusive to use, and at the same time, it can focus on combating the dryness and hypoxia of the air-conditioned room. The small items of heart water are naturally the favorite of OLs.During the lunch break, a facial mask and a […]

Autumn skincare begins with balance

Autumn skincare begins with “balance” The core of the latest international beauty concept is to pay attention to the balance of the skin. In other words, “balanced” skin is the number one criterion for perfect skin. .hzh {display: none; }  这里的“平衡”指肌肤天然的生理机能:水分存送、油脂分泌、敏感反应、结构组织4个方面的协调平衡,惟此皮肤才会呈现最佳状态。On the contrary, if the above 4 aspects are out of balance, the skin will have […]

Is the awakened life a certain kind?

Is the awakened life a certain kind? When you live the real you in an awakening way, just do what you have been, you will actually become very simple. You will sit idle and wonder what is so busy. When everyone sat down and said, “I hope I can do the same,” you remember that […]

Winter workouts don’t catch up early

锘? Winter workouts don’t catch up early Life is exercise, and exercise is good for health. Nowadays, there are more and more people taking the initiative to exercise, and even some people will “three-nine in the winter and three in the summer.” The biggest feature of winter is the low temperature. The morning air is […]

Six foods let you eat your muscles_2

锘? Six foods let you “eat” your muscles Muscle, have you ever heard that you can “eat” it? The following foods have this effect. 銆€銆€Almonds: Almonds contain a lot of magnesium. A study by Western Washington University showed that increasing the intake of magnesium by increasing the negative gravitational force is 20% stronger than taking […]