Malthya who has already founded Niu Niu in playing,Try to cooperate with the requirements of Niu Niu。After all, you have to play.!

“grandfather,You can sprinkle it all.!Sprinkle is even!” Niu Niu stationed on Tian Yu,She is very self-known,I have a little short.,I am afraid that even my legs can’t find it.。At that time, it’s dirty.,Going home must be awkward。 “Niu Niu came to work with Grandpa.!Su Lao Ge,You are really reluctant,The little girl pulling a photo of […]

After all, now,These things,How to do it in the end。

In fact,,Still there should be this necessary,Continue to handle this matter thoroughly。 And see here,at this time,Shen Xuan is the performance of it is still light。 “In short now,This thing is completely among our expectations。” “As for others,You have a good time.。” Look at the front,Shen Xuan is very lightweight,Don’t forget to say this。 The […]

God killing people looked at Lin Feng surprised。

“I don’t think you have a strain.,This is a baby for you.。”God is also surprised to watch Lin Feng Road slightly.:“You want to feed into a half-style or artifact?” “Humph,is it possible?”Fairy sword:“The most core of the chaotic green lotus in that year has been absorbed.,Other leaves spread between heaven and earth,Do you even gather […]

Lu Xin didn’t say anything,Take the box,I opened my head down and took a look。

Except for a stack of worthless stamps,Still lying quietly with a bank card。 “Ho,So thick,A lot of them。” Lu Xin looked at Xia Yuan meaningfully。 Xia Yuan said:“Fifty,You keep it,I also think about the order of Nancheng,Can’t let those people be lawless,Dare to produce and sell without applying for various certificates,Isn’t this cheating the people?。” […]

Store door outside,Open and close,Xia He came in with a frightened look。

“Are arranged in two rows!There are at least fifty people!”Xia He looked at them,Anxious way:“They asked us when to open the door,How to do?How to do?” Aunt Shui is also pitiful。 I have opened a store for more than ten years,But I have never encountered such a lively scene,Very unaccustomed。 “Put it in!”Shen Huandao。 “Can’t […]

Such a double champion,Can be called unprecedented。

Shen Huan pondered these famous scientists,Suddenly feel,With the good old temper,Maybe I will let myself do it。 You think about its name! See no one is better than me!! →_→ But for now, Shen Huan doesn’t care about it。 Him and the players、Coaches together,After enjoying the joy of awarding and holding trophies,Then slipped away quietly。 […]

No one speaks anymore,This is a collective embarrassment!

“I left the bedroom on time at two o’clock,I heard you are still sleeping,I think you just started to learn martial arts,Maybe the body can’t adapt to it all at once,Inevitably feel tired,So I plan to let you sleep one more hour,Ha ha。” Bai Daochang said tolerantly。 “I’m so embarrassed,You actually let you sit here […]

“It’s over,It is estimated that the position of the boss of the Dragon Soul Special Forces in the future,I have to give it to Xiaoxue……This stinky girl,Smashed my job,When she comes back to see how I can clean her!”

Qin Liang deliberately“Bitter hatred,Gritted teeth”Said。 “you dare!Do you dare to clean her up,I’ll clean up you!” Shen Ruoxi immediately treated her husband“Declare war”Up…… In fact, Qin Liang said these words to Shen Ruoxi on purpose,When he asked Shen Ruoxue to join the Dragon Soul Corps,I promised Shen Ruoxi,I will“cover”Shen Ruoxue,Will never put her in any […]

Qin Liang believes,Song Min must be able to understand what she said,She can make a correct decision!

Qin Liang is basically right!Zhuang Sheng was attracted by Song Min’s outstanding beauty,Plus I really like her a little bit,Care about her,So I have never had the heart to attack her! He intimidated Song Min to come to him and help him do things,Song Min’s unwillingness,In the end, I have to give in obediently?He also […]