Shen Huan is a genius,Genius can learn math well,Naturally you can learn agronomy——As long as he wants。

Professor Wu Weihong, Dean of School of Agriculture and Biotechnology,I said in private chat,If Shen Huan keeps working hard,I’m afraid not10Time of year,The Department of Agriculture will be able to produce another academician trained by itself。 The prerequisite is that Shen Huan must be serious。 Like next year4I’m going to play basketball for a few […]

But to the surprise of the giant monkey,Mo Xiaosheng made a slight mistake again,Turn around,The stick flew out against Anna’s back,Puffed to the ground。

Anina looked up with tears when she heard the movement,Seeing the thick wooden sticks sticking on the ground, the color behind it turns white,Panicked! Mo Xiaosheng turned abruptly,Rushed to the back of a big tree,Then he put Annina behind the tree,Whispered to her:“Hide here,do not move!” Saying he got up and went out,Anina suddenly grabbed […]

As for how powerful it is,It doesn’t exist at all。

Huang Lei didn’t want to tell him more,This guy is not reliable at all,A bit imaginary,A little floating。 “All right,Let the game officially begin,During this period I cannot speak,Hope you all know this rule,If anyone speaks, it’s the one who lost.,I don’t need to say more about this situation,You should also know what to do […]

Qin Liang handed Zhao Lu’s personnel file to Liu Xiaoyun,Then drove on the highway。

“Who is this woman?so beautiful!Female killer?Hooligan or Miss?” Liu Xiaoyun looked at Zhao Lu’s photo,Startled and said。 “Can you think of something good?” Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。 “what?Did I said wrong thing?Oh,What does she do??” Liu Xiaoyun continued to look at Zhao Lu’s photos carefully,Secretly sigh,I want her to be so pretty…… […]

Shu Qing said with a smile:“regarding this problem,I am completely consistent with the leader。”

Meng Ke stared at him and said:“Be consistent with him from the beginning,You have to let him bully you from now on!” Shu Qing glanced at Peng Changyi,Said:“I believe he will not。” Yao Bin said at this moment:“Secretary Meng,You,Don’t mix them with sand——” “Haha。”Everyone laughed again。 ———— First37chapter The wine table seat has university questions Everyone […]

After entering the living room,I probably did not expect that there are so many girls here,The two men were shocked for a while,And greeted Qin Liang respectfully。

“Yep,Don’t be frustrated,All my own,These girls are all members of Dragon Soul Rose Legion,You can speak directly if you have something。” According to military secrecy regulations,This occasion,Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan should be avoided,But Qin Liang felt that there was no need to keep them secret,So little lied,Call them members of the Rose Legion。 “Boss,Let us […]

54758_007之Goldfinger 金手指等390个文件_

杭州桑拿按摩好去处 ed to joy and relief on the part of Leonora, who clung to her restored lover with trusting arms; and when the Count realised that the hated rival, whom he had left for dead upon the field of battle, was still alive, he was filled with disappointment and jealous despair. Wildly, he ordered his […]

[How to make walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor)]_Family practice of walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor) _How to make walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor) _How to make walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor)

[How to make walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor)]_Family practice of walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor) _How to make walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor) _How to make walnut biscuits (cocoa flavor) Learn to cook some common home-cooked meals by yourself, and cook at home to warm up the family, even busy, we better cook at home often, you can […]

[Colored dumplings with some vegetables?

】 _How to do_How to do [Colored dumplings with some vegetables? 】 _How to do_How to do Everyone’s impression of dumplings is white because the noodles are white. But now some dumplings in life seem to be okay, they look very good, and they will have a special taste when they eat, just like eating […]