Jiang Fan’s face is slightly red,He nodded。

Shi Guangsheng said:“I’m waiting for people from Starlight Group,They will come,Xiaoyan also come。” “Oh。”Jiang Fan looked at him,Shi Guangsheng said seriously:“Yes,I did not lie to you,Their company needs to be promoted to the first-level qualification,Asked us to come and help preach。There is no fun in Kangzhou,They choose here。” Jiang Fan nodded。 “Xiao Jiang,Sorry about the […]

Mengdie stiff body,Is this still what people said??

She missed,But put yourself in,Is there any reason?? The spiritual field here is different from that in other places,Like a huge magnet,Affect all the operating rules around,Even his mental power,There is no way to detect too far。 Since I can’t know the exact location,Then go to the place where the aura fluctuates the most,He didn’t […]

“Is it expensive to eat here??Why are you so embarrassed to ask you to invite my family to dinner?……”

Ass just sat down,Liu Xiaoyun’s mother whispered to Qin Liang in fear。 “Ha ha,aunt,You don’t have to think about it,You just eat well,Just drink it well,Xiaoyun,Koyuki,You guys are in charge of ordering。” Qin Liang greeted graciously,Nowadays,He wants to give enough face to Liu Xiaoyun’s parents,Because he really respects them from the heart。 The most active […]


Song Min dare not speak anymore!Actually, she just said it casually just now,She didn’t even think about it,But this is fine,She didn’t take it seriously,All her best friends take it seriously! “how about it?Sister Min,Want me to build a bridge between you two?Or do it yourself,Take down that boy Ling Mofeng?” Qin Liang smiled and […]

He finally caught up with the completely still football,But at the same time,Feng Lei behind him also took the opportunity to pass him,And then turned around and blocked him。

He lowered his weight,Set up,Look at this panting star 10,A little angry——I was really fooled by this person just now,I never thought that he would kick the football so far away,Was caught off guard,I was left behind by the opponent。 But it’s fine now,Look at your embarrassment,Your performance will end here。 His teammates are quickly […]

“Oh,You are busy,I am leaving。”

Peng Changyi said,Went downstairs。 The deputy mayors working on the second floor,If I tell you“I’ll go upstairs”,No doubt,Must go to the office of the secretary of the municipal party committee。 The leaders of the municipal government work on the second floor,Upstairs are the leaders of the municipal party committee。Gaotieyan, the deputy mayor, wants to go […]

Yinyan almost didn’t spit out the meat,Swallow the fish,This is how she managed to pick out the fishbone,But it can’t be wasted。

“teacher,Has your friend ever said you are narcissistic?”Yinyan looked at Qin Liang speechlessly。 Qin Liang laughed,Said:“They definitely haven’t said this,Even if,They only say that I am too perfect。” Don’t be too narcissistic, OK?! Yinyan feels that she doesn’t want to care about Qin Liang now,I even want to throw him a fishbone。 How to do,She […]

Yanzi said happily。

“Liu Xiaoyun is what I have seen so far,The smartest girl!none of them!” Luna also solemnly said with emotion。 “Yeah,Luna is learning our language better and better!I can even say no one!amazing!” Shen Ruoxi teased Luna。 “Dare not be,I have more things to learn,Like having a baby,I won’t。” Luna said amazingly…… “This one……I can only […]

She wants to protect her daughter!!!Give her a gold finger!!!Space Lingquan for her!!!!

If the world in the book has rules,That beloved relative,It must be an existence that overrides and does not bind the rules!!! Ou Baobao pouting,“Why do you want to except me?”unhappy,“Because i don’t have a father?”Brother and younger brother have fathers,The kind everyone knows。They were all born after their mother and their father got the […]

Peng Changyi said:“You just let go,If you really want to leave, we will find the driver to see you off,I heard that I have been here several times,Xiaoding won’t introduce us。”

Ding Yi Discrimination Theory:“No,Brother Lu Yuan leaves every time he comes,Never eaten here。” Lu Yuan said:“The little girl said that,I came to either pick her up or send her off,All come and go。such,I and my little sister to all the leaders here,Thank you all for your help and support,this time,I do,Everyone is free。”Talking,Clink glasses with […]