Qin Liang handed Zhao Lu’s personnel file to Liu Xiaoyun,Then drove on the highway。

“Who is this woman?so beautiful!Female killer?Hooligan or Miss?” Liu Xiaoyun looked at Zhao Lu’s photo,Startled and said。 “Can you think of something good?” Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。 “what?Did I said wrong thing?Oh,What does she do??” Liu Xiaoyun continued to look at Zhao Lu’s photos carefully,Secretly sigh,I want her to be so pretty…… […]

Liu Xiaoyun encouraged Shen Ruoxue in a low voice。

“Isn’t it!Xiaoxue really cried!Ruined,Now my sister is wronged again!” Although Liu Xiaoyun speaks very quietly,But the girls on the bed still heard them all,Murong Shan just finished speaking,“Hula”a bit,Everyone got up out of bed,One after another,Surrounded by Shen Ruoxue…… “Don’t cry don’t cry!Sister didn’t bully you!This is making trouble!I knew I wouldn’t be joking with […]

Obviously his goal……

Just when Luo Kai was upset,Put an arm on his shoulder。 “Nice job,Rokai!” The voice of Team Chu。 “Get rid of without your previous changes,Can’t have this goal!”Chu Yifan said to him happily,It seems that it is for fear that Luo Kai is upset about Hu Lai’s goal,That’s why he can emphasize Luo Kai’s contribution […]

Dong Xing looked at him in surprise,Nod,Said:“You have to discuss this with Zhong Mingyi,After all, Su Fan is the negative model he set up。”

Dong Xing said:“Ordinarily,This personnel should be under the supervision of the party committee,but,People of our government,Can protect or protect as much as possible,I’m going to suggest to the municipal party committee,Personnel issues involving government departments,Before the change,It’s better to ask for our opinion。” Jiang Fan said immediately:“There is one more thing I want to hear […]

scene,Instant sensation,Lead to Ye Tianzong’s family,Penalized by the population。

“fool!” “You fool!” “roll roll roll!” Zhang Chunqin is mad,Roar loudly,Rush over,Pull his ears,Hammer his chest,I also explain to you。 but,No one listens to her,There is only one requirement,Let them get out。 “son in law,What are you doing?” Ren Dongguo is also helpless。 Even though he knows this son-in-law is capable,But don’t be crazy,Don’t see […]

Murong Xiaoyao said with a sweet smile。

“No need to,You and your mother Shiyun,Sister Yanzi, let’s go in,I’m smoking a cigarette here,obedient。” Qin Liang smiled and pushed Murong Xiaoyao to Yang Shiyun’s side…… It’s getting dark,Occasionally a light flashes from a dark wood,Surrounded by the calls of unknown insects,Qin Liang really lit a cigarette,Then I wandered in front of the courtyard。it feel […]

No one speaks anymore,This is a collective embarrassment!

“I left the bedroom on time at two o’clock,I heard you are still sleeping,I think you just started to learn martial arts,Maybe the body can’t adapt to it all at once,Inevitably feel tired,So I plan to let you sleep one more hour,Ha ha。” Bai Daochang said tolerantly。 “I’m so embarrassed,You actually let you sit here […]

Because Hu Lai thought of the specific tactics,So this training class does not require any guidance from Zhao Kangming。

It stands to reason that he can leave,But he is on the sidelines,I want to see what Hu Lai said“Small ideas”What is it。 Chen Mo helped as an assistant coach,Actually, the main thing is just blowing the whistle,He also doesn’t know how the team will train,What can be done is very limited。 As for how […]

Wei Keqin said enthusiastically:“no problem,no problem,Tomorrow I will send my car to pick up the anchor,You will be waiting at your work tomorrow,Guarantee the first nine o’clock to the unit。”

Ding Yi said:“That’s not necessary,Just have a car,Try to hurry up,Otherwise, we won’t be able to complete the task of shooting and interviewing in two days。” Wei Keqin promised。 hang up the phone,Yuan Yin said:“You have to interview tomorrow?” Ding Yi said“Yes,This movie will be broadcast next week。” “What if Xing girl can’t come back […]

Qin Liang sat beside him watching with gusto,Very enjoyable,It’s more funny than watching those variety shows on TV,But he always had a question in his heart;Between girl’s best friends,Do they all exist in this mode??

He secretly made a decision in his heart;First look for an opportunity to take a good look at how Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun get along,Let’s see how Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan get along…… In fact, most girls’ best friends,The patterns of getting along are the same,Can have fun together,We can cry together,of course,It’s very […]