Shen Ruoxue circled the tree,Then he raised his head and looked at Qin Liang on the tree,A pitiful look……She can’t climb trees at all,It’s okay to brag,But it’s true,The rhythm of ending immediately。

“I have a hasty!You can’t climb trees?” Qin Liang finally found Shen Ruoxue’s embarrassment,Hold back a smile and ask。Actually he forgot,Last time he and Yanzi played wolf in the woods to scare Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun,When Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin were four,Except Liu Xiaoyun,None of the other three girls can climb trees,All were pushed up […]

But the Shen sisters are lucky!

First organizational battle,It played a brilliant result of winning more with less,Famous all over the world,This kind of good luck that is especially favored by God,I haven’t seen one for thousands of years,And the only time,I was hit by these yellow-haired little girls so wickedly。 In fact, the Shen family girls are more suitable to […]

Actually just these,It’s not easy already。

And for these,The leader waved his hand。 “All right,Now words,In fact, there should still be this need to be resolved。” When these words are said,Deep in the hearts of those around you,Actually, the more I think about it, the more I feel,These things come very well。 …… And at the moment,Ye Xuan’s side,Also got news。 […]

Wang Jiadong bent over and looked at the two boxes of fruits,A box of dragon fruit,One box is kiwi。Wang Jiadong said:“This dragon fruit is relatively fresh,Get some for Nana when you leave。”

Peng Changyi did not pick up stubble,He got up and poured a glass of water for himself and Wang Jiadong,Said:“There are people in Madoka who you don’t know?” Wang Jiadong says:“Many don’t know,But they all seem to know me,Sometimes go to the street,There will be a car parked next to you,ask you,Old man,Where are you […]

Wu Guanqi thought for a while,Chong Peng Changyi thumbs up,Said:“Changyi,I’ve been to Sanyuan for so long,This is the most valuable thing you said to me,Your words touched me,On the issue of women,I have always been self-righteous,Always think that he is the master,Exactly,Think money is the master,Now it seems i am wrong,At least this set will not work against Fu Yinan,Don’t say i donate100Ten thousand yuan,Set up an education fund,Just donate again200Ten thousand yuan,I guess she will not change her view of profiteers。It seems,I also need to think about it,Think about how much I love her,How much do I respect for this love?”

Peng Changyi said:“You are smart,Can draw inferences。” Wu Guanqi said:“Changyi,I am looking for you today,I do have ideas to report to you,With my in-depth inspection of the Swan Lake project,I am more determined to do this project,of course,This is purely from commercial activities,As for the old swan pairing, it can only be considered ideal,The decision […]

Jiang Fan didn’t wake her up,Did not send her back,But took her to where she lives。

He stopped the car steadily,Took her bag,On one’s arm,Loosened her seat belt,Put one of her hands behind her neck,Then put your arms hard,Took her out。 Stunned,Ding Yi woke up,Haven’t let her open her eyes yet,Just heard a voice say: “Chief,Help??” Ding Yi realized,They have reached the place where Jiang Fan lives,Jiang Fan told her,He lives […]