In a fanatical organization like the Scarlet Crusade, you have not lost your heart.,Tailan is a good seedling worth cultivating,But how to get along with Tirion is a matter for the two of them,Carlos doesn’t want to interfere too much。

Tell Taelan,Your father is a hero,Affirmation from a king,It’s enough for Tailan。 The bloody plot of the meeting of Fording and his son,Can be called love and family,Carlos has a comfortable feeling of understanding his wish。 But it turns out that other people’s children are role models,Before leaving for Lordaeron,What does Carlos think about his […]

Ingram’s special training time for Shen Huan was much shorter,But this season,He was also given more responsibility。

Although at the beginning,Because of experience and strength,inNBAWas beaten by a group of old fritters in the arena,But after being tortured and abused,Ingram is still getting stronger。 At least his heart has become stronger。 Have such a foundation,When he was abused by Shen Huan,Can stand up strong every time,Re-fight Shen Huan。 Open to the media […]

He originally thought Shen Huan would get angry watching these news,It turned out that Shen Huan had nothing,Run if you need to run,Train when you need to train,Don’t care at all。

This made Kobe feel at ease。 Shen Huan’s approach to reporters,Haven’t felt it before,But I’ve seen a lot in previous livesNBAThe star was so vilified by reporters。 Especially the Los Angeles Iron King around,It’s natural to be so powerful——You have been hacked endlessly by reporters for so many years,As long as it doesn’t crash,Naturally strong。 […]

Just sort out the things posted on the official account,Put together a book,You can easily make hundreds of thousands,Such a good thing,why not?

But what theme should I choose for the second book,Still let him struggle。 Continue to compile the hypocritical articles on the public account into a book,Some seem to be too perfunctory。 Discussed with Liu Qing,Decided that the second book is no longer selling hypocrisy,But to sell cats。 The title of the second book is tentatively《Xiao […]

“You sit in front of this piano,Pose for playing the piano……It doesn’t matter,That’s it。Oh,Gosh,Simply perfect!”

“……” Shan Rou holding a SLR camera,While giving Fang Hao some suggestions on posture,Take pictures with a click,Feel very happy。 She put a lot of clothes in that large study,Are all produced by Hanshen menswear,They are all clothes that match Fang Hao’s model。 As a guest advertising model,Fang Hao needs to put on those clothes […]

“Hill stopped the ball!He was stopped by Kobe’s extremely aggressive defensive posture!”

“Dry jumper!Hill used his height advantage to force a shot!” “No!Backboard!”Grant Hill just found it was wrong,Kobe’s defense makes his offensive rhythm too messy,The shot is strong! Giants in the basket jam each other,Final moments of the game,Violent physical contact is endless! “My board!”O’Neill squat hard!Then jump up high with the help of rebound force,Instead, […]

Lu Xin didn’t say anything,Take the box,I opened my head down and took a look。

Except for a stack of worthless stamps,Still lying quietly with a bank card。 “Ho,So thick,A lot of them。” Lu Xin looked at Xia Yuan meaningfully。 Xia Yuan said:“Fifty,You keep it,I also think about the order of Nancheng,Can’t let those people be lawless,Dare to produce and sell without applying for various certificates,Isn’t this cheating the people?。” […]

And at this time in front of the TV、Those Pacers fans in front of the computer have blown up!

Many fans of Yincheng bought a lot of champagne and waited for this moment! Nine consecutive triples! This is a miracle created by the ancient gods,I was even tied today! Unimaginable! Unimaginable glory makes them excited、trembling! And those tweets、Social media like Facebook has become a mess,Everyone is forwarding comments on Xu Xuan’s miracle of Jiulian’s […]


Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Operation Soul Destruction(Subscribe) Xieyue also stood up,Staring at Xu Shengdao“Xu Sheng,Didn’t you do anything to the elder hall??” Xu Sheng smiled and shook his head,No,But just talked to me about something” Qian Daoliu thinks he has figured out his strength,Don’t know,That’s just my strength that is less than 1%。 […]