The knife layer is in progress。

He is on,Take out a knife。 Not the three major killers of Jiuyang Magic。 Because he has a feeling,Even if the world’s heaviest,I can’t stop this sword.。 This knife,Any move that is also not exclusive to respect。 This is his blessing to the soul,Brain,At that time, he was in the desert dust storm.,That is […]

Li Hui said with the wind.,Sitting on the top of the mountain roasting barbecue。

“alright,it’s up to you,Tomorrow may be a final work.,I am going to docked with Liu Dafu.,And several engineers who digged from the big bend market,I also help you leave people.。” Listen to Han Shanshan this,Li Hui is directly stunned.。 “Stay? What’s the meaning?” “Is the literal meaning?? What else can you do??” For this matter, […]

“become,become,Go back to me when life secretary。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“Chamier,I don’t give you a salary.。”

“fine,I do not mind,Log on you。”Hu Meier laughs and laughs,Her eyes staring at Lin Feng’s eyes。 “Ok。”Lin Feng smiled and nodded。 “relatives by marriage!” Just when Lin Feng sounded,A loud voice came from distant voids.。 “relatives by marriage?” The women listen to this voice and wonderful。 “Cangnish is coming。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I haven’t seen […]

Continuously slammed the arm to come to the mouth of the horses and the mouth of the red mouth, the strong body is revealed.

The cold drink is flat. 。 First2307Chapter Behind the scenes This punch。 Pu Tong。 Windy。 No hurricane gather。 No gas flow。 There is no drum。 Even people can see clearly。 but!The pupil of Nancy’s wife is shrinking the needle。 The face has also emerged an unprecedented fear。 She feels that she is killed and shadowed.。 […]

Not in the past,No need to come out from him.,He is still acceptable。

Just finished with Xu Ruzhen,Su-cool phone has also been hit。 “Lee brother,How is the apple in the orchard?? It’s mature last year.,This year, this is August.,It should be mature.?” Remind this by Suyang,Li Hui also remembers Apple in the orchard。 And for Apple,He is a point of management。 It is completely apple to grow by […]

“Before Xuan Ge is going to do,Unfortunately, these people don’t believe in the strength of Xuan Ge.,It’s too much too much.!”

Lin Wei said something unhappy.:“dad,You look for the relationship between this side.,Help Xuan Ge,Let him develop this zoo!” Forehead…… Lin Tianan is white,Say that there is no goodness:“What is so easy?,Now people have begun to build,Can not be so easy to change!” “Yes,I don’t want to open anything now.,Make a variety!” Shen Xuan smiled,road:“Don’t […]

NS3347chapter Laozi falls you

People who come in,It is actually the supervisor of this mine.,Qian Ying。 This high foot has two meters five,Strong,Faceless,Laughing to a cruel palpitations。 “You are called summer.。” His voice is very,Not hidden,“Hand your Yuan Jing。” Speech,Step by step,Carrying a huge pressure。 Summer slowly,Poker face,Don’t care,“Is it necessary to pay this month??” “right。” Qian Yingzi […]

After all, now,These things,How to do it in the end。

In fact,,Still there should be this necessary,Continue to handle this matter thoroughly。 And see here,at this time,Shen Xuan is the performance of it is still light。 “In short now,This thing is completely among our expectations。” “As for others,You have a good time.。” Look at the front,Shen Xuan is very lightweight,Don’t forget to say this。 The […]

“Do not worry,We all understand!”

“Victory is in front of us,Unable to mind!” “Everyone rushed.,We will definitely win!” …… Everyone is excited on a face.,In their view,There are twelve people now,Definitely win! That is called Xuan Ge again,Can you force these people?? Never! Twelve people continue to advance towards the center,Ready to find a high building to deal with Shen […]

“Should all be useful!My parents saw that my condition improved,They both began to believe in Buddhism,It’s really hard for them“When He Jing said this,Look a bit bleak。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Don’t know!It is good for the elderly to believe in Buddha!“ “thats right,Often vegetarian,I also have sustenance in my heart。But they still seem very happy“He Jing was taught by Xia Jian,I feel better at once。 Just out of date,Han Juan shouted outside:“President Xia!The car is ready for you,you can go […]