Now she half-closed her eyes and looked at the distant scene,Looking at the lush trees,There are mountains of all sizes……

Of course, this kind of comfortable feeling of breeze blowing across the face is indispensable。
She is enjoying the quiet feeling here,If it wasn’t for Zheng Li who was scolding her boyfriend and saying she was useless,Said he couldn’t let himself climb the tree,The little girl will continue to be immersed in this kind of happiness,It’s also because of Zheng Li’s uncoordinated voice.,So that the little girl frowned slightly,Look down,I saw that she was deciding whether Chen Guanlin was。
There is no other general meaning,It means her boyfriend is not strong,There is no way to let her go to the tree at this time。
Her boyfriend is also very poor,I have a wry smile so far,I don’t know what to say when I look at it,He has already explained it here,But his explanation seems so pale and weak。
Huang Lei was speechless when he saw this,In fact, he has been paying attention to the situation below, he can know for sure,Chen Guanlin did nothing wrong at all,Tried my best,Even lying on the ground and leaving his back to Zheng Li,Let Zheng Li step on her back and climb up,Huang Lei put down the rope again。
such,It’s actually easier,But Zheng Li is still scared,I dare not use force the moment I grabbed the rope,I’m afraid it will be scratched at this time,Reluctant to go up。
Chen Guanlin is also very helpless now,He did everything he could,Zheng Li dare not go up now,Who can blame this?
“I don’t care anymore,You gotta let me go up,I’m going up now,Stay below,so boring!”
Zheng Li said capriciously。
This sentence made Chen Guanlin’s face bitter again,When I looked up at Huang Lei and Zhang Da,Also showed a begging look,Just let them both help,See if there is any way to stop this woman,Let her climb to the tree。
“Zheng Li,Just grab the rope,If you don’t grab the rope,You can’t climb up anyway,It’s not wrong to listen to me,Hurry up。”
“Yes,Only then can I climb the tree,Unless you can climb it yourself,Otherwise you don’t even think about coming up today。”
Zhang Da also said,Raise the phone in his hand while talking,It probably means telling her,He can go online now,If she doesn’t work hard,There is no way to enjoy this feeling like him。
This is because this woman is more anxious,Stare at,Finally gritted his teeth and stomped。
“I’m furious,You just want to piss me off,I do not care,You figure it out。”