In addition to Li Wei who is getting fat。

Li Qi will master the hand into a punch,Arm and shoulders90°,Then slap next。
The happiness is exciting to make others don’t help but have some side glance.,Wu Gui didn’t help but turn over the eyes.。
Palace Qingwen originally slightly, the body is leaning against chair,Since the coach does not arrange yourself,He is also happy。
Get up to Wu Gui’s,The palace clearly patted his shoulder。
“Lin Ping……”
“Uh……no,Wu Gui,Come on。”
Wu Gui seems to be some accidental palace Qing Wen will come over to refuel you.,Some unnatural twists,Lian Palace Qingwen seems to say that it is wrong.。
then,It seems to be a win-minded role,Wu Gui also turned back to the palace clearing。
“The cheering is you,I am going to work.。”
The palace clearly smiled and nodded,Walking out the lounge of Wu Gui and the coach Wang Hai。
Chapter 13 Defeat
LDLInterpretation,Wang remembers lightly shouting,This picture is also passed on the camera to all live platforms.。
“Um?What did you remember。”
The tube big school turns to look at your partner and friend,Floating smile。
“I am coming before.,I thoughtLDLThe venue will be more cold,I didn’t expect the audience who came to the scene.。”
Wang remembers seems really unexpectedly,Said that I was seriously glanced at a circle.。
Tube big school face floating expression,Nodded。
“This is indeed very surprising.,I have heard it forever.LDLTickets although free,But the last rate is not high.。”
“Yes,It seems that this game is very attractive.。”
Wang remembers what I think of?,I laugh and laugh.。
“As for the reason……Everyone can understand it yourself.,We don’t know,Heart does not declare,Hey-hey。”
The tube is also laughing.,Didn’t let this topic continue to extend。
“OK,We can now see that both elements have admitted.。”
Suddenly quiet in the field,The lens slowly swept the face of ten players。
With the translation of the lens on the big screen,The breathing in the venue also seems to become dignified。
Until the camera swept the last player,I suddenly broke out a regret in the field.。
The two of the consequences were shocked.,Everyone has seen surprised from the eyes of each other,Helpless look at each other。
“It seems that many viewers’ needs of the game are watching the game.,I haven’t been satisfied.。”
Tube school is not coming,Also interested in someone who has become a hot topic online two days。
“but,We still hope that the audience of the scene,Ability to pay more attention to the game itself。”
“Yes,Everyone is interested in the player does not play.,Maybe it’s going to play.。” The sound of the two explanations pass through the speaker,Also make some stuffed atmospheres in the venue。
“OK,So,Let us officially enter this game。”
As the voice falls,Many of the obsesses that are dissatisfied with them can only sit down.。