Summer faceless expression,Immediate turn。

He walks with Victoria in the forefront。
See this,People behind them have followed。
More than ten minutes,Stop again。
Everyone’s face is difficult to see the pole。
I returned to the origin again.。
I can’t even find out the exit.。
NS2707chapter Strange
In the channel,Those more than 30 people are silent。
No one speaks。
Walking like a walk,Like a biller。
Depressed atmosphere。
They came back and forth back to repeatedly, I walked and I didn’t know how much.,Not only do not export,Even the entrance disappeared。
Anyway,It seems to be turned in place.,Take a large circle,If you encounter a ghost wall。
But this is a chance of horror than the real ghost wall.。
There is only one channel,There is no reference in the surroundings.,Everyone tried various ways,Can not be detached from trouble。
Including summer,Everyone’s heart is full of irritability。
Spiritual pressure is far more uneasy than the body’s exhaustion。
The ancient martial arts is also a person,Also need to eat drinking water。
After entering the grave,Has been in the past few hours,Endometric suppression,Due to serious dangers……In fact, many people’s spirit is already in the edge of it.。
Can’t see the danger,More nervous and exhausted。
So much,Everyone gave birth to a thought。
If you can’t find an entrance,All of them will be trapped。
Many external and intrinsic factors,Finally someone collapsed。
“Ah——”In front of the crowd,Someone screamed angry,Then, the scream is passed.。
“what happened。”
“what happened。”
“Pretty,He’s crazy,Ah!”
“……”Someone is rushing,Directed people around the world。
Between,Scene is confusing。
Two people were instantly killed,Blood shot,Under the stimulation of bloody,Suddenly inspired everyone’s 戾。
Knife swordshot flash,There is also a road to the other.。
No need for?,These people who are trapped begins to kill。
The sudden change makes the summer face,He reached out to grab Victoria,Low drink,“retreat!”
The two people are going in the last,Don’t hesitate to launch the body and retreat.,And close the flashlight。
Darkness,Victoria’s breathing is slightly short。 “what happened?”
“do not know。”
Summer sound low,“It’s too strange here,Be too dangerous。”