Fortune magazine rated 50 outstanding leaders of the world Xiao Hua Zhan Huang Yao Ming on the list

“Fortune” magazine rated 50 outstanding leaders of the world Xiao Hua Zhan Huang Yao Ming on the list
On March 27th, Beijing time, the US “Fortune” magazine selected 50 of the world’s most outstanding leaders, NBA president Adam Xiaohua, former Houston Rockets star Yao Ming and Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James were selected.Zhan Huangcheng is the only active athlete among the top 50 outstanding leaders. It is worth mentioning that James is the only active athlete among the world’s 50 most outstanding leaders named by Fortune.  James, who has two NBA championships, does not need to return to Cleveland-a place without championships.Fortune magazine wrote in its evaluation of James, but he said he wanted to form a team and help them reach a place where they did not know they could reach.In mid-March this year, the Cavaliers were already the top team in the Central Division, and they are constantly approaching their goals.At the same time, as the new vice chairman of the NBA Players Union, James’ leadership will face a whole new challenge.  In this list, the other two NBA-related figures are Yao Ming and Xiao Hua.In evaluating Yao Ming, Fortune Magazine particularly appreciated his devotion to public welfare after retiring, especially his public opposition to various animal abuses, including illegal ivory trade and shark hunting.  Yao Ming’s influence has far exceeded the headlines he made.Under his leadership, other Chinese celebrities have begun to talk openly about this issue.”Fortune” wrote.  As the new NBA president Xiao Hua, his performance in the past year has been sufficiently recognized, especially his decisiveness and courage in the handling of racial remarks by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.Praise.  The latest list released by Fortune Magazine contains outstanding leaders in various fields (politics, business, sports, culture, etc.) worldwide, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Modi, and Apple CEO.Tim Cook and Chinese entrepreneurs Lei Jun and Liu Qiangdong.(Rosen)