Revenue ranking of the world football coach, earning 40.5 million Euros annually

The top ten coaches in the world football revenue.The Beijing News said that the players are the focus of football games, but alternating with the development of modern football, the position of the head coach is getting higher and higher.This is evident from their income.The transfer market quoted “French Football” data showing that in this season’s world football coach revenue rankings, Atletico coach Simoni, who ranked first, has exceeded 40 million euros in revenue.In addition to the basic salary, the statistics of this head coach’s income also include personal sponsorship.In the top ten rankings, the names on the list are all famous people.For example, Real Madrid coach Zidane (23 million euros), Tottenham coach Mourinho (23 million euros), Liverpool coach Klopp (24 million euros), Manchester City coach Guardiola (27 million euros), Inter Milan coach Conte (30 million euros).Ranking these peers, Atletico coach Simoni belongs to a special presence, and his annual income totals 40.5 million euros.The coaches are in the top ten, and there are two other coaches from the Super League. They are Guangzhou Evergrande coach Cannavaro and Dalian coach Benitez.The income of the former is 14 million euros, and the incidental income is 13 million euros.