They are no longer old material can shoot 10 films

“They are no longer old” material can shoot 10 films
“They are no longer old” was released on November 11 through the National Arts Federation internally and won 8 in Douban.A high score of 8.  ”Over the years, many people have asked me if I wanted to make a movie about World War I, but interestingly, I never thought about making a big Hollywood movie about this war.But when the Imperial War Museum asked me to use their original film, and then I found a way to repair these films, I thought it was it that I had waited for years of World War I movies.”Once directed the” Lord of the Rings “trilogy, the Oscar-winning director of the” The Hobbit “trilogy Peter Jackson told the sauna, Ye Wang, no one is more fortunate than him, can restore his lifelong interest toimage.  A century after the end of World War I, Peter Jackson completed the documentary film “They Are Not Old”, carefully selecting the original materials of the World War I that were kept for hours in the British Empire War Museum, and in these materialsApply the most advanced repair, coloring and 3D technology.In preparation for the film, the crew interviewed more than 200 soldiers, more than 600 hours of interviews, and 100 hours of original footage.Jackson ‘s budget, he captured everything the soldiers involved in the war faced: their attitude about the war, their comradeship, their humorous manner in fear, and the life in the trenches, the daily life during the shift, and this process,It may be more difficult to make a movie than it really is.  Restoration The restoration of historical data is another test of the movie.Jackson said: “We bring today’s technology to the shot taken more than 100 years ago. In many cases, the Imperial War Museum is just a replica, or a replica of a replica, or even a replica of a replica. The quality is allNot as good as the original version.”He lamented that this job is not like” one-key repair “with the click of a graphics software. Every injury requires a unique repair method.Jackson also colorized black and white images.  Lip repair is not just a repair of the picture, because it seems that there is no language, Jackson finds a way to make the character what he says is concrete.He found the lip linguist and showed them the clips in the movie that clearly injected the soldiers ‘conversations. The lip linguist fed back the personal content to the crew. The crew then invited the actors in specific areas of the UK to dub to ensure that the soldier ‘s accent was well understood.Accurate, because the accent is part of the rhythm of speech.”It’s really amazing to add voice-overs, and the images have come alive.”The only narration of the narration film comes from the veterans who once fought in the war. The content is selected from more than 600 hours of veteran interview material saved by the BBC and the British Empire War Museum, covering 250 to 300 different people.”It takes too much time to listen to the audio, but if you do n’t listen to it, this movie will not be completed.”For about a year and a half, Jackson looked at the material, listened to the tape, and slowly explored what the movie should be like.  [Dialogue Director]10 or 12 movie sauna night nets can be produced from the material: During the restoration process, did you find a possible shot?  Peter Jackson: There is a very special period. German first-aid personnel and even non-first-aid personnel are helping British first-aid personnel. They are two opposing parties, but they are both saving the lives of injured people.From this moment, you begin to understand that this is not a battle of hatred, and to some extent the two groups are told that they must be enemies.When we sorted the documents, we found that the British soldiers felt that the German soldiers were in the same situation as them. They ate the same bad food and lived in the same bad environment.They don’t hate each other, a certain fact refreshed my awareness.  Sauna Night Net: Can you talk about the feeling of repairing?  Peter Jackson: I do n’t think the photographers at that time wanted to see their pictures scarred, rough and tedious, so I think the restoration was actually the photographers we rescued 100 years ago.  Sauna Night Net: It is said that this time is just the beginning?  Peter Jackson: Yes, this film is the beginning of a certain kind of record, because this film mainly focuses on the UK, and the material can make 10 or 12 movies.The archives of France, the United States, Canada, Germany and other countries have not yet been involved, so there are many other films that can be produced.I hope we have opened the door to many similar documentaries.  Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan