1145 illegitimate child
On a straight road。
A pair of bullock carts,Is driving fast。
Chen Xiu sat in a bullock cart and looked through and studied what he had snatched from Hu Mazi《Miles chasing the wind》。
This is the third day after leaving Longxi Village,It has also left the jurisdiction of Qinghe Town。

Miles chasing the wind step is quite mysterious,It should be a mid-level light-body exercise like Xiaoyao Yufengbu。”
“It’s a pity that these two
Are not complete,Only the first half。”
“Talk to Lin Tianfu along the way,He said that there are more http://www.seedk.cn first-rate masters like us in Aoki County than Jiang no Mako!”
“This chasing the wind,You have to cultivate as quickly as possible。”
“This is a way to save your life!”
“Do not。”
“Not enough,You have to cultivate both Seng Ha to Xiao Cheng before arriving in Qingmu County.!”
“Not right!”
“Although these two body techniques are rare in a small place like Qinghe Town,I’m afraid http://www.yabela.cn it’s just mainland goods in Aoki County,Not so advanced!”
“Since the two body techniques are incomplete,Why don’t I push them out,Combine the two,Create a new combat technique,Reach another position……”
Chen Xiu thinks hard,Intend to combine the two body methods into one。