The two are speechless。

“Oh,correct,I also chatted with Feifei,His idea is actually very simple。Xiaoyi’s money,Is investment income。Ok,She did give Feifei all the seven thousand yuan of the lucky money,Used to buy books、Charging software and a mobile phone。Anyway, you can keep the money。”
“There are nearly three million left,He planned to buy a house,Write the names of him and Lu Yuxin,I guess there will be more,He wants to donate to Daowang Village Primary School anonymously,Give Lao Liao a basketball court,Expand the canteen,Lest the kids eat in batches,There is the rest,To improve the food for his classmates。”
Guo Jianfeng took a breath。
“Buying a house with Lu Yuxin?He wants to live out?”Han Qian froze。
“No,Actually bought it for Lu Yuxin,But the girl said to write the names of two people。”Guo Jianfeng explained speechlessly。
The two are silent again。
Or two kids,This love talk,Are already buying a house。There are so many young teachers in the school,Can only rent public rental housing arranged by the school。
“that……Why is the donation anonymous?”a long time,Han Qian asked dreamily。
“Not his uncle and aunt?Wang Yufei is afraid that these two will know,Can go directly to the provincial capital,Special account for me,I can’t let Lao Liao and the village head know that the donation is related to him,Best not to be related to me。”
Said Wang Yufei’s only two relatives in the world,Guo Jianfeng’s eyes subconsciously show disgust。
If it wasn’t for Lao Liao to go to Daowang Village,If it wasn’t for him to see his childhood friend on a whim,I’m afraid that such a good child will be short-sighted by those two、The foolish and extremely selfish people are ruined?
“This kid……that,You really accepted that car?”
“if not?”
“You just promoted to vice principal,Just drive such a high-profile car,Not so good?”
“What’s up?I’m not corrupt,No favoritism,Withstand investigation,What am i afraid of?My son is not allowed to honor Lao Tzu?correct,Feifei called my dad today,Did you hear?”
“Called my mother!show off!”Han Qian gave Guo Jianfeng a look,The two finally hugged together happily。