Everyone looked at the prince of the South Segments.。

“Get up!”
Lin raise hand,Hold the South Festival。
A chair is moved in the air。
“Thank you。”
“You are Welcome。”
After the Prince of the South Sega, after sitting down,go on:
“Nowadays, the whole of the Juliet has been controlled by the South Front.,Will Lin random??”
“I only interested in merits。”
Suddenly thought of,Tell the sanctuary of the country:
“It is said that there are several air transport in the city.,I am very interested。”
“Thirty days,I will personally give the Lin raise the air of the unparalleled city.。”
“Such very well。”
“My father http://www.gyhuijing.cn took a lot of treasures from the national library.,Also ask Lin to receive adults。”
The two Yuan Yingfeng stronged to go out,Soldiers began to unload the goods on the carriage。
In the end, almost a full of half a yard。
Lin Rong said:
“I will tell those cities,Let your official come in,Let your soldiers come in,But I want to warn what you know??”
“I understand;Will not hurt the people of the water。”
Lin looked nodded。
This matter is about it.。
The South Festival is a long tone。
He finally did not live up to the expectations of the father。
“Lin hunt, I first reported.。”
“Go back!South Festival http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn can come to find me。”
“Yes,Yes;Unless big things,We will not bother the lingering adults。”
After the South Festival,Eight demon fox laughs:
“It’s a good look.。”