This sentence,Suddenly let Hu Zhenhua have changed。

He made an answer in actual actions。
Backward back half,Tight body,Direction before and after both hands,Pull away。
Qin Weijun was acknowledged,“Unbearable force。”
Talk,The whole body shape is a sharp arc,I left a resilience in the ground.。
Hu Zhenhua exploded,Overturnt,Right boxing,Fist,Take a whistling,And his left hand is close together,Wrist,那。
Heavens,Let Hu Zhenhua look like a wild wild。
He faced,It is the Qin Zhenjun that has been caught in a crazy。
啪 two people collide,Hu Zhenhua’s face change,Can’t stop behind the body。
Qin Yujun disdainful sound,The brain under the bipper pants is out of explosion.,Suffocating,The figure is like a blast.。
Simple single, a whip leg, bombardment in Hu Zhenhua,Tell him in half air,And accompanying a snakes。
Not completed。
嗖,Qin Weijun’s legs,Jump,Spoiler,Go first until,I actually surpassed Hu Zhenhua’s body。
He hits the right leg in half air,Bombard,Another punish leg,狠 胡 胡 华 ‘s chest。
Not waiting for him to fly out,Qin Weijun’s ring kicks yet,Fladder,Hold again in Hu Zhenhua,Take him with him。
All this happens in an instant。
It’s like a shell,Qin Weijun is heavy on the ground,The whole platform is a tremble。
Hu Zhenhua is also in a row,Flourish。
I have to fall on the ground.,嗖,A shape brush,Put him quickly。
This chapter is not over,Please turn the page
It is summer。
Hu Zhenhua is late in the past,Cheap,Chest and waist ribs are completely collapsed,The body is convulsive in unconsciously。