She wants to protect her daughter!!!Give her a gold finger!!!Space Lingquan for her!!!!

If the world in the book has rules,That beloved relative,It must be an existence that overrides and does not bind the rules!!!
Ou Baobao pouting,“Why do you want to except me?”unhappy,“Because i don’t have a father?”Brother and younger brother have fathers,The kind everyone knows。They were all born after their mother and their father got the red book。No one has seen her father,no one knows,I didn’t have a red book with my mother.Not even photos.
Cut happy。Baby Ou tightly pursed her mouth,The original ruddy mouth is only white,Little hands like buns tighten the skirt,Deadly。Those whispers of people around,She actually heard very clearly.
I didn’t understand the meaning of those eyes when I was very young,To be,She is big now,Already understand。Know a lot。
My brother said the tongues of those people have been ordered by Lord Yan,My uncle and aunt said she is the most precious child in this family,Mom said she loves her most,but.
“Because I am not a child with a red book,and so,You love me the most,This is to compensate me,right?”Baby Ou is about to cry,Rub your eyes,“and so,I am the one removed,right?”
Ou Zhaozhao hugged the girl,Cherish in my arms,I kissed my daughter’s little head hard,“Not compensation.Nor remove.You are special,You belong to me, Ou Zhaozhao,My own child,You are my dearest flesh and blood,You are all my life.”Hold the baby tightly,The panic in Ou Zhaozhao’s heart faded a lot,More coming,Just feel sorry for the child,“Mother loves you,Mom loves you most.Mother loves you more than anything.”
“Mom knows,Mom failed to give you a decent way of birth,Let you be questioned and mocked by others,It’s mother’s fault,it’s not your fault.”Ou Zhaozhao held up the little girl’s head,Let her look at herself,Only love and cherish in my eyes,“The world’s criticism of you,Because of mom,Not because of you。Because they dare not laugh at mom,That’s why I bullied you, the little bit they thought they could bully.They are too bad,It’s not my treasure’s fault.”
Ou Zhaozhao brushed her little curly hair,A little miss,“Your dad is a super nice man,Reddish brown curls like you,Big brown eyes like yours,laugh it out,Just like you,Have dimples。like to listen to music,Like dancing,Long legs,I always step on his feet when I dance,He hugged me and jumped.”Sigh,“Mother really loves him,love at first sight,To be with him desperately,We are in a small auditorium in the countryside,I found a local old fruit grower as a witness,Swear to love each other forever,Married.”
“I thought it would be nice to make up the wedding afterwards,but,a,He disappeared.Took away all traces of him,He even took my phone camera.Red books have not had time to do it.”Ou Zhaozhao now speaking,My heart is still infinitely sour,That’s her true wholeheartedly,A man who really loves desperately.“then,I have you.I gave birth to you in a small rural hospital,The nurses there said you are an angel who fell on earth.”
Qinbao looked good on the second day,Among the little angelic babies,She is the most eye-catching and best-looking little angel。
Ou Zhaozhao kissed his daughter,“Your father is like this,Disappeared,I don’t know if he is dead or something,I have never looked for him.but,I think,It’s better,Because my mother is afraid that he will grab you from her.but,If you want to find him,Then mother will help you find.”and so,“Pro treasure,Mom always let you eat the best,Wear the best,See the most beautiful scenery,Look at the best things in the world,I just hope you can only see the beautiful side of this world,I also hope you can try to make yourself only see the best side in this world.”
Baby Ou is not a hypocritical child,Emotionally up,Coaxed and hugged by my mother,Just passed。The story of father and mother in love,My brother, uncle, and aunt told her,Several versions.
chapter Five One
Brother said her father should be a superhero。To this mysterious dad,Actually, I don’t care so much,Just a little bit,A little bit of care,It’s just that others care,I feel more concerned than her.
And yeah,So many people don’t like themselves,but,There are more people like themselves,People who like themselves are always better than those who don’t like them,Much more~~~Brother also said,People who don’t like themselves,In fact, they are all envy and hate!!
I was filled with love words that my mother didn’t want money,Baby Ou pouted and smiled a little shy,Love me most,Ok~~~~Hum hum~~~~~
“Yesterday you said you love your brother the most.”
“.”Ou Zhaozhao sucked up the girl,I love the good character of a girl,“Your brother is careful,Mom doesn’t want to offend him either.”