“Bo。”Another loud voice。

“Face。”Wang Ziqi said again。
Wang Jiadong said:“All right,Go to sleep,Grandpa’s big baby,Grandpa will play with you tomorrow,good or not?。”
“it is good,Goodbye grandpa。”
Wang Jiadong just walked out,He shut the door for them。
Peng Changyi smiled,He said:“When did this problem occur??Don’t sleep if you don’t kiss?”
Wang Jiadong says:“After her mother told him the story of Snow White,Just need this procedure。”
Peng Changyi is a little sad,To some extent, Wang Jiadong, the grandfather, has become a father.。He said with emotion:“Madoka still has half a year。”
“Yes——”Wang Jiadong sighed softly。
“Why don’t you ask someone to get him out in advance?,Children are so old,Your old man won’t let the children visit him,I can recognize him as a father after coming out?”Peng Changyi said。
Wang Jiadong sighed again,Whispered:“If there is no such thing as me,I might ask you to trust someone,But I used all the relationships I can use,How embarrassed to trouble everyone?”