Liu Xiaoyun encouraged Shen Ruoxue in a low voice。

“Isn’t it!Xiaoxue really cried!Ruined,Now my sister is wronged again!”
Although Liu Xiaoyun speaks very quietly,But the girls on the bed still heard them all,Murong Shan just finished speaking,“Hula”a bit,Everyone got up out of bed,One after another,Surrounded by Shen Ruoxue……
“Don’t cry don’t cry!Sister didn’t bully you!This is making trouble!I knew I wouldn’t be joking with you!”
Shen Ruoxi said awkwardly。
“I didn’t cry!”
Shen Ruoxue said wronged,Actually, she didn’t plan to cry,But everyone comes around,She suddenly felt wronged,The tears immediately resembled a broken thread“Crackling”Start to fall!
“OK OK,be good,Do not cry,Sister is wrong,Sister was playing with you just now,Why are you still wronged?!”
Shen Ruoxi repeatedly explained to her sister。
Actually, Shen Ruoxue didn’t understand what was wrong with him……to be exact,Whether it’s Shen Ruoxi or Murongshan,Didn’t say anything about her,But she just feels wronged,And crying when wronged is her natural skill,This is something she can’t control。
“Do not,it’s all my fault,Is the topic I mentioned first,Ugh……Koyuki,If you feel wronged,You hit me twice,As long as you can not cry,Even if you hurt me, I will endure it。”
Liu Xiaoyun said frustratedly。
Shen Ruoxue was actually amused by Liu Xiaoyun’s words!Now it’s really pear blossoms with rain!Laugh while crying,Most people who are skilled here can’t learn。
“Did you find out?Xiaoxue is just as beautiful when she cries!Everyone said that Shen Ruoxue smiled,No one in the world surrenders,It turned out that it was the same when she cried!Xiaoxue,I don’t think you need to study so hard anymore,Just go straight‘A smile’,after that‘Cry for the country’Got it,So easy!”
Murong Shan deliberately said seriously……