And in his opinion,The way to get back,Is to buy four dogs,Without blinking。</p>

And he was expecting,The prices of these four dogs must not be too cheap,Otherwise, his domineering spirit won’t be reflected。</p>
And the other side,Su Luo and Teacher He are speechless,How old is a person,Still care about dogs。</p>
Show group in the corner,Director Wang Zhengyu is also drunk,I regret that I tried to save money,Invited to come over such a wonderful flower。</p>
I heard Lee Sungjun’s question,Due to scruples,So he said tactfully:“Forget it,Just four beasts,Can’t speak,Don’t care about them。”</p>
Never thought,Lee Sung-jun doesn’t know the director’s kindness at all,Insist on buying pots and pans,Open road:“director,You make a price,I must buy them today。”</p>
Lee Sungjun looks like he can’t buy it,Make Wang Yuzheng look ugly,Why doesn’t this person know good or bad。</p>
Peng Yu sang and interrupted:“I’m afraid you can’t afford it then。”</p>
It was a kind reminder,But I heard so harsh in his ears,Lee Sung Joon furious,Tao:“If I can’t buy it today,so I,on,”</p>
“Just what?”this moment,Su Luo,Huang Lei,Rao’s eyes all over the yard are on him。</p>
Perceive the eyes around,Li Chengjun feels,Gritted teeth:“If you can’t buy it,I’ll go eat Xiang。”</p>
This sentence comes out,The live broadcast room is fried。</p>
“Whoops,Fucking,This buddy is a ruthless man。”</p>
“Pooh,Here’s another one who wants to cheat and drink。”</p>
“what,I cracked,There are still people rushing to eat Xiang Xiang。”</p>