“I told you to stop!”

Zhang Yihong ran over and kicked him when he saw it。
“okay,okay,It is normal to have some inability to constrain your emotions in a fighting state,Come,Help people up and send them to the hospital!”
The deputy head immediately stood up and relieved Zhang Yihong。
“All right?”Walk quickly from Guijiang,Asked the long-armed man with concern。
“Report chief,Nothing!”The long-armed man gritted his teeth and shook his head after being lifted up。
“Go to the hospital for a checkup!”Yin Guijiang cautioned,Then he glared at Zhang Yihong,Said:“Take care of your men!”
“Yes!Chief,This time it’s my fault!”Zhang Yihong’s face changed slightly,Actually Liu Feng’s actions were instructed by him,Thinking of the group leader and the old group leader showing off his abilities,I didn’t expect it to be counterproductive。
“Ha ha,This little brother is really extraordinary,Everyone can beat themselves so well!It seems that the Central Guard Corps really can come out in large numbers!”
Suddenly there was a cold voice nearby。
First0318Zhang deliberately find fault
Everyone follow the prestige,I saw from the label“Armed police brigade”A burly man stood up at the table of the brand,Wearing a black sportswear,Turning around and coldly glanced at Yin Guijiang, Zhang Yihong and others。
“Sorry,Captain Qi,Made you laugh!”
Yin Guijiang smiled at the burly man。
Although the members of the Central Guard Corps were very dissatisfied with the man’s ridicule,But seeing my team leader being so kind to others,I didn’t dare to say anything。
“Head Yin is polite,I am happy to see the old man today,I also want to help,I want to learn from the little brother of your group,I don’t know what you want?”