NS3347chapter Laozi falls you

People who come in,It is actually the supervisor of this mine.,Qian Ying。
This high foot has two meters five,Strong,Faceless,Laughing to a cruel palpitations。
“You are called summer.。”
His voice is very,Not hidden,“Hand your Yuan Jing。”
http://www.mtxwifi.cn Speech,Step by step,Carrying a huge pressure。
Summer slowly,Poker face,Don’t care,“Is it necessary to pay this month??”
Qian Yingzi smiled,Reach,“Take。”
Summer,“But I remember that tomorrow is the end of the month.,Since you want to receive,Book book and record the crystal card。”
“Why words!”
Qian Yingqiao double boxing,The bones of the whole bones are smashed,Ling Haijing’s post-eye percentage。
“Let you take it,A new boy,Dare to violate my order!”
Sound here,The warrior that has already been alarmed near more than ten stone rooms。
After listening to the sound,Many people have come out,Look at each other,Snoving to the stone room of the summer in summer。
They are all the old people here.,Nature knows the rules。
I can’t pay today’s payment。
more importantly,Although Qian Ying http://www.nanyatechan.cn is the supervisor of the mine,But he also has to dig mine。
But it is much more comfortable than them.,I only need to pay seven crystals on one day.,The rest is your own。
And here is the strong and dead,There is no overbreeding event。
Everyone is still survived.,Not allowed to fight。
if not,What is the difference between those robbers outside??
Who will come here to seek shelter?
But Qian Ying is the supervisor of a mine,Dare to do this,It must be supported behind。
Who gave him courage,At a glance。
This new young man,It is said that he has paid a hundred crystals for ten days last month.,I must cause it.。
Either,This seems to have a young man in the early days of Linghai,Have an late or average strength。
Either,He has some secret law,Can accelerate speed mining!Many people know this thing,Everyone is more inclined to the latter。
Sympathy,Also I can’t envy and hate。
Young people don’t know how to hide,Wood show in Lin Feng must destroy!at the same time,Just within a stone hole in the mine,Thousands of husbands are also looking at the mind。
Just as others guess,He also tends to have some secret or secret law in the summer.。
But in order to prevent,Still let Qian Ying Trial。
If it is the latter,So next,He will find ways to get this powerful secret,Then let this boy disappear。
At this time,Summer,“Seeing that I am new,It’s good to bully.?”
Qian Yingyhen opened his mouth,Cruel,“How is it??
Give you a three-hike time,Take the emulsion,otherwise……”“Otherwise?”
“Otherwise, Laozi shattered your body’s bones.,Without further ado,Aim,Two interest,Three interest,A good boy,Do not recognize,court death!”