Jiang Fan said:“How do you know?”

Fan Wenliang said:“I guess,Some comrades must have taken up Xiaoding’s time。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan and Wang Jiadong both laughed,Ding Yi also covered his mouth and smiled。
Jiang Fan said:“Wrong me,Just for you,I have to get something for you too,We originally planned to go back to Beijing tomorrow,Then go to your home to visit,By the way, Ding Yizhi has a work I want you to point out。Since it’s all here,Whether we go tomorrow or not,This thing is necessary for you to see now,Save to say I delayed her。”
Jiang Fan said,Got up and went out,In a while,Just brought in a cardboard box,Put on the coffee table,turn on,Said:“Take a look,Did i delay her?”
See in this box,Two stacks of full set of manuscripts are neatly stacked,All teeny lower case,At first glance, it is bound,There are traces of paper cutters。
Fan Wenliang takes a look,Speaking of:“Good work,Good work!Breathtaking!”
Wang Jiadong says:“Minister Fan is not an easy person,Not a person who praises people easily,Xiaoding,It’s not easy to get praise from Minister Fan。”
Fan Wenliang opens up,Want to move but not move。
Jiang Fan said:“Just hold it with your hand。”
Fan Wenliang said:“That won’t work,I have to wash my hands。”
Wang Jiadong says:“I’ll get you a towel,By the way, I also wash my hands。”
Jiang Fan said:“I have good arms and legs,I’ll get you wet towels。”
Jiang Fan said,Strode out,Not for a while,Took a wet towel from the east room,Pass it to Fan Wenliang,After Fan Wenliang wipes his hands,And handed it to Wang Jiadong。
He just picked up a copy,Watching carefully。
Wang Jiadong puts on reading glasses,Said:“effort,This is Kung Fu!”
Ding Yi said modestly:“I wanted to give it to Minister Fan,Please take a look at calligraphy,I didn’t expect to run into you here。”