Shen Ruoxue asked a question first。

“Yep,Dad was a soldier too,Of course I know,Dragon Soul is the best in our country,The most powerful secret organization,Is a world-famous special forces,It is said that the boss of Dragon Soul,At the same time the world’s number one soldier,But there has never been only his various legends,No one has ever seen him。”
Shen Chengxian told Shen Ruoxue what he knew。
“Ok……Since you all know,Then I will tell you the truth,Brother-in-law……Is the boss of Dragon Soul,That’s the world’s number one soldier you said。”
Shen Ruoxue has no choice,Sold Qin Liang again。
“what!Qin Liang is the boss of Dragon Soul!”
This news,I heard that Shen Ruoxue joined the special forces,Having participated in the battle on the battlefield shocked Shen Chengxian.!
Shen Chengxian, who was once a soldier, knows too well;Dragon Soul Force,That is the elite of the world-renowned special forces elite,And the boss of Dragon Soul,It only appears in various legends,Shenlong can’t see the first,You can’t even see a figure of the God of War!
He is by his side!He is actually his son-in-law!He is actually Qin Liang!
Know all this too suddenly。
This time,Shen Cheng stopped talking……
“Dad,What’s wrong with you?”
Shen Ruoxue shook her arm and asked。