Don’t tell me,This rushed person。

Stopped one after another,Dare not continue to rush up。
Afraid of a while,Lin Yu ate figs,a while,Oneself,Can’t bear the anger of the teacher。
“on,Snatch this fig。”
“If he dares to eat,Then catch this person,Eat his flesh and blood。”
“Fig,It’s impossible to be consumed so quickly by him。”
“and,Even if it is consumed cleanly,Eat his body,Is also effective。”
Shangchuan,See someone on my side。
Stopped one after another,Dare not continue。
Disdain to say。
“I rely on,You guys are really cruel!”
“Actually want to eat me。”
Lin Yu,Hear this,Said with a cruel expression。
“Since I know we are ruthless,Then get out,This fig,Not yours。”
Disciple of Linglong School,Hear this,Anger。