Lu Shanshan sees Shen Zhiyue’s grievances,Completely different from the past,She sighed,In front of love,Even the best people have low self-esteem。

She approached Shen Zhiyue,Hug his shoulders lightly:“I didn’t like Xu Shuang,I just think he sings well,He speaks very interesting,And Linda keeps getting me and Xu Shuang together,I have to have a good relationship with him,The relationship is too bad and it is difficult to interact。Talk about finding someone,I think your brother is better。”
Shen Zhiyue convulsed with anger,He points to the door:“Get out of here,I’m out of treatment,I want to be discharged,You bastard,So you approached me because of my brother,You are shameless!”
Lu Shanshan didn’t expect Shen Zhiyue to have such a proud time,It is said that menopausal women are capricious,But the man in love doesn’t let go。
Lu Shanshan came to the recording room and saw Xu Shuang from a distance。Xu Shuang dyed her hair brown,Look fashionable and youthful。
Lu Shanshan hasn’t seen him for a long time,Greet him habitually:“Shuang brother,long time no see。”
Xu Shuang looked at the handsome man not far away,Frown slightly,This person is fine,I didn’t reject him very much the other day,Do you give him a set even on the show?,How come seeing him this time is the same as seeing his relatives。
Lu Shanshan walked around the crowd to Xu Shuang,She saw the assistant applying makeup to Xu Shuang,I thought that Brother Shuang is really dedicated,Came so early。
Lu Shanshan said something:“I’m sorry,Come late today,It’s raining outside,The road is blocked。”
Xu Shuang raised his eyes,Not cold or not:“It’s nothing,Are you female friendly??I’ll see her when she gets better。”
Lu Shanshan waved:“no, I’m fine,He is more irritable these days,Don’t want to see anyone but me。”
Xu Shuang wrinkled her nose:“Are you here to show off to me?……”
Lu Shanshan looked naive:“What to show off?”
Everyone looked at Lu Shanshan’s eyes with contempt,This person is really shameless。
Xu Shuang touched her hair,Asked:“Brother Yue is here to tell me,Your relationship with your girlfriend is very good, right?,Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you and your girlfriend。”
Lu Shanshan gossip radar turned on,Asked:“Then what type do you like?”
Xu Shuang raised his head,Seeing Lu Shanshan’s eyes sparkling,As if there is a sea of stars。