who knows,Suddenly there is a trembling of a big land,Let Shen Xuan transferred the hand shake a few times,Not turned。
“What situation?”
Wu Dadoy is also an inexplicable heart.,Worry:“What is this moving??”
Shen Xuan only looked at it,Rapida thinks,It is excited in your eyes.!
Black bear is coming!
“nothing,It’s my friend.。”
Shen Xuan looked at Wu Damei’s nervousness,Take the way。
What friend can make such a big movement??
Wu Dadoy is a panic,Urge:“You quickly transferred to me.,I gave you a seal,Then I gone!”
Want money?
Shen Xuan, I don’t want to give it.!
“Don’t worry,Waiting for my friend.,Let’s talk together again.!”
Shen Xuan loudly,Not anxious at all。
“Oh,Big black bear is coming!”
“Let the big black bear and the village head talk about it.,I think he still dares money.!”
“Two large pieces stand in front of the village,Can scare each other to death。”
The live broadcast is also known to be black bear.,Suddenly laugh,A decline before sweep。
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Speech,The voice of the big earth tremble is getting stronger and more strong.。
Wu Daxie looked at all around,finally,He saw the sound of the sound!
I saw that the two heads were all black haired animals ran on the mountain road.,What is Wu Dadoy is strange?,They have already arrived!
“呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜……”
Two big black bear stood in front of Shen Xuan and Wu Dadou,Yang Tianzhu,Like Shen Xuan, I can understand the animal’s talk.,I know that the black bear is to eat to him.。
Can Wu Damei’s language is unable to this animal language.,I only feel that this big black bear is ferric that,Like to eat people。
“Run away!”
Wu Dadear, I want to run,I haven’t waited for him to run.,I was gone by Shen Xuan.。
“village head,Don’t worry!”
Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Say:“This big black bear is my friend,Let’s talk about it.!”
What the hell?
Shen Xuan’s friend is a big black bear?
I heard this,Wu Daxie’s eyes are incredible。
“you……You haven’t joked it.,it……They are your friends?”
Wu Daxie took it,Ask。