After 30 years old, Yang Chenglin wants to delete his unconfidence | Mission Impossible

After 30 years old, Yang Chenglin wants to “delete” his unconfidence | Mission Impossible
In an exclusive interview with Sauna Yee, Yang Chenglin said that he is a person who is good at integrating trivial affairs and controlling time. Communicating with the creators in person can feel the emotions communicated by each other more intuitively, “Because everyone is a very assertive creator,如何在沟通中碰撞出火花而不是怒火,是我需要拿捏的部分 。”环球音乐供图专辑幕后:合作不同风格创作者挖掘新自己桑拿夜网:从上张专辑《年轮说》到这张专辑《删·拾 以后》,似乎“时间”与“年龄”是你Propositions that you want to convey in music in recent years?Yang Chenglin: Actually, this time I did not deliberately connect with the previous one, but I hope that there are some cores in any work I do now.Perhaps it is just my age, a point in time when I am very willing to discuss age and feelings, so I may hope to have a deeper presentation.I think that 30-year-old is probably the first threshold people might encounter in their psychological warfare. It is best to do so-called breaking away.What did you delete?What can I get back?This action will help you become a better self in the next stage.Sauna Night: For you, what do you most want to “delete”?What kind of self do you most want to “pick up”?In your opinion, how can we complete the “delete” and “pick up” actions?Yang Chenglin: What I want to delete will include being unconfident, caring about others’ eyes too much, or having no sense of security, and some stubbornness.What I want to pick up is the kind of spirit that has no fear of time, or the curious, eager to try, who dares to try everything.I think the best way to complete this process is to increase your energy and not to resist any difficulties that fate brings to you.Sauna Night Net: Most of the co-creators in albums such as Chen Qizhen, Chen Shanni, Xu Jiaying and others have their own very distinctive musical qualities. How do you balance their own characteristics with your own expression style?Yang Chenglin: Actually, I am not too worried about this issue. My style will not disappear, and their style will not disappear.The reason why I will find these people this time is actually that I need different sparks. I need to discover new myself by cooperating with them freshly, instead of simply inviting songs to them.If the invited songs are not so relevant to me, but they are only composed by them, I will find it less interesting.So I will provide you with my own growing up experience, as well as love, friendship, or love for pets, and then ask them to create for me, and then use my voice to express different styles.Album cover song decoding 02.Compilation of “Deletion”: Chen Shanni Lyrics: Do n’t Forever Forever, Do n’t Pretend To Be Brave, Do n’t Live Better Than Rumors Do n’t For Whoever Forever, Do n’t Pretend To Like MeWhat is the process of creating the album’s title song?Yang Chenglin: Actually I met Chen Shanni in my previous work, but I didn’t have any personal contact.Inviting her this time, I did n’t think much about it. It was an intuition. I think it ‘s up to her to order the song.I talked to her on the phone. Later, I found that we didn’t call for more than three minutes each time. I talked to her in a crack, and she listened very carefully, then returned to me: ‘OK I know.’Very efficient.And after the cooperation, we became friends. We also found that each other’s homes are very close together, and we will arrive after crossing the street. I feel very fortunate.She is a very warm person.03.Composer of “Love Is Love”:?ZI lyrics:?ZI看小说喝金牌在凌晨一点半爬起来看球赛嗜好已改读遍了星座书想成为你的爱为你研究游戏片你最爱的电影我全都看了好几遍能不能 为我转过来桑拿夜network:?ZI is an unexpected collaborator on the album. What are the challenges in interpreting this song?Yang Chenglin: This is my skill. After 20 years of debut and 11 albums, I am still making new attempts and jumping out of the comfort zone. I am very happy.While doing this album, I was doing the “delete” action.因为这首歌跟一般流行音乐的唱法不太一样,我也从来没有深入了解过 R&B 这个领域,所以在前期我做了很多功课,我会一直聆听,去习惯音乐中的弹性和律动,直到听So far.10.”I do n’t know you” Composer: Lin Jiaqian Lyricist: Chen Yongqian only remembered who had done his confidant friendship hidden in his heart and who was expected to be dropped. I could n’t bear to betray it.网 :《献丑》和《我不认识你》是你第一次用同一首曲演绎了普通话和广东话两版歌词,是因为对这首曲有自己的特别偏爱吗?Yang Chenglin: Actually, I sing Cantonese songs in some performances. I found that everyone accepts me very much for singing Cantonese songs, but it is the composer of this song, Lin Jiaqian, who listens to this thing that he listens to.I think that singing Cantonese songs is accurate, and he knows that my ancestral home is Guangdong, so he encouraged me to own a Cantonese song.I used to sing “Life of Contradiction” and “High Mountain Valley” written by Chen Yongqian when I was on tour in the Hong Kong Red Pavilion. I thought it was so good that I wanted to work with him, so I posted it on social networking sites.Private letters.About a few days before the recording, I got the lyrics, leaving little time for the best practice, because I usually have fewer opportunities to practice, so in fact, the song spent a lot of time to correct thissection.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Chang editor Tian Nie proofreading Liu Yue