Early next morning,Zhang Muyang opened his eyes and saw the old lady busy in front of the stove。Zhang Jinfeng didn’t sleep well last night,All thoughts are on the child。As usual,Zhang Muyang sleeps very poorly,Quilt often,Night sweats,I wake up when I fall asleep,Sleep and wake up again,Today is a night’s sleep,Didn’t sweat much。

Zhang Muyang got up,“mother,Where’s Master Kang?”
“Master Kang is in the yard,Waiting for you to get up and see how you learned last night。”
Zhang Muyang Sa Yazi ran out of the room。“Master Kang early!”
“Good boy,How did you sleep last night?”“Very good,just got up,Master, you are the true God of Kung Fu,Put the disciple to sleep。”
Old man Kang froze for a while,“Just press it to sleep?Wait for the next master to come,You also put Master to sleep。”
“Don’t wait for next time,Come now,Disciple massages Master,When you press me,I remember it。”
“Oh,Then you press the button。”
Zhang Muyang ran behind the old man Kang,Get busy with both hands,Did not move a few times,I sweat on the tip of my nose。
“Good boy,Stop,Same as tickle,The strength is not enough,To practice well,First practice the fitness skills that Master taught you,every morning、Practice in the evening9all over,No laziness,Wait to see Master next time,To see if you are lazy,Practiced,To teach you new kung fu,Remember??”
Zhang Muyang nodded repeatedly,I practiced the Baduanjin twice again,Master Kang gave some pointers。
Master Kang wants to walk around the world,Zhang Yuzhu、Zhang Muyang sent to the village entrance,Reluctant。
For Zhang Muyang,Parents are the first teachers,Master Kang is the second。
Zhang Muyang already feels,I am also a man of skill。
I still have to go herding sheep on weekdays。A sickle,A burden,Two sheep,Now there are new members in the sheep-herding camp——rhubarb。Don’t look at this rhubarb, eat some pancakes all day long、Leftover soup,Screaming loudly,Very energetic when running。