“Nothing,Everything is the same as。It’s just that the princess called Jianning has come four times.。”

“bother you for something。”
“Yin god big people。I heard that because the gods of the gods, the cause of the Tianzhan City kill the Yang god Li Chongyang。”
“They all worn into your ears.?”
“Forgive sin。Slave is http://www.iyinrui.cn also a mobile pass between listening。”
“I don’t blame you again.。It’s just whispered how fast it will pass.?”
“It is said that it is spread out from the three gills.。After all, there is a connection between the land of the water.,Also normal。”
The maid outside the temple said:
Red dress:
“who is it?”
“The woman who found the gust of the gods four times.。”
Say Cao Cao Cao,Lin ring has not been able to drink and drink,Jianning actually came again.。
Lin responded is curious that she learned that Li Zhongyang was killed by himself.,What is going to do。
“Let her come in。”
The maid turned and left.,Soon, Jianning is introduced to the temple.。
Jianning entered the hall,See Lin Run,The well-behaved Yingying squats:
“I have seen the gain of gains.。”
“I don’t http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn know how precious doors in the three times.?”
“Jianning heard that the god of gods killed Li Zhongyang,Special road。”
“congratulate?I am afraid I am not only here.!”
“Yin god adults。Jianning is really a matter,It is, I want to invite the god of gods to serve as the yang of the land of 渭。”
Lin Xinge didn’t want to shook his head directly.。
The South Segments have extended claws on the land of 渭 水,Soon, will play taps,At that time, your believer is controlled in his hand.,Even if the Yang god, http://www.newbienews.cn there will be less charitable.,See people’s face。
Jianning did not expect Lin Wen to refuse:
“Gainful people。Is it considered??Accepting the book of the court into the Yang god,The land of 水 can be you said.。”
“Not be a yang,It is also what I said.。”
Jianning listened to Lin ranter,Stunned,Just continue to say,Cantonese thinks that Lin ring has the strength of the god,No more mouth。
“Since the people of the gods have been decided,Ning Ning did not bother。”
“see a visitor out。”