He finally caught up with the completely still football,But at the same time,Feng Lei behind him also took the opportunity to pass him,And then turned around and blocked him。

He lowered his weight,Set up,Look at this panting star 10,A little angry——I was really fooled by this person just now,I never thought that he would kick the football so far away,Was caught off guard,I was left behind by the opponent。
But it’s fine now,Look at your embarrassment,Your performance will end here。
His teammates are quickly returning to defense,One of them is almost killed,It is the captain of the South China Sea,He is going to pinch Zhang Qinghuan back and forth with his teammates。
After Zhang Qinghuan controlled the football,Also noticed this situation。
I saw him slightly adjust his body orientation,Lift your right foot toward the middle,Seems to be passing the football to the middle。
Wang Yi, who has attracted help, did not grab,But moved one towards the middle,Tried to block his pass。
But Zhang Qinghuan didn’t really pass the ball,His right foot swept across the outside of the football,Back again at a very fast speed,Knock the football behind you on the inside of your foot as you turn back!
At the same time he turned quickly!
After turning around,He used the outer instep of his left foot to move the football forward!
Rushed from the outside of Feng Lei!
Continue to dribble through!