He is a person who loves racing very much,So I think we should concentrate all our minds and bodies on the car,To achieve good results。

Looking at Shen Huan like this now,It’s like taking my girlfriends to travel,Treat racing as a trifle,This is plausible?
This is an insult to motorsport!
I must educate him well,So he dare not look down on the car!
Chai Xu clenched his fists,Turned around and walked to his car next to the track。
Ruan Dashao took Fu Wei aside,“Xiaowei,how are you today,Are you sure?”
What he said was what told Fu Wei last night,Make a little car accident,Send Shen Huan to the hospital for ten days and a half。
“Hehe,no problem!”Fu Wei smiled coldly,“Do you see what car he uses?Toyota86!And haven’t changed the turbo engine!I will eat him today!”
Next to the track,Three cars have been parked at this time。
One is Shen Huan’s Toyota86,This was driven by Zhao Xiaoying in the morning,By the way, let the masters of Jinggang Circuit help check various car conditions。
In terms of modulation racing,The masters of Jinggang Circuit are masters。
The other two are owned by Fu Wei and Chai Xu。
Fu Wei’s car is a SubaruBRZ,The initial motivation is2.0Naturally aspirated200horsepower,But he directly converted it into2.0TEngine,Changed Sanyuan and ventilation, etc.,Directly so that the horsepower of this car soared420horsepower。
The key is this modification,Did not change SubaruBRZFlexible handling,And the acceleration on which it became famous,So every time Fu Wei can use it to get good results。
On this car of the same level,It’s definitely a low-key beast。