“Do Xuan Ge wants a single horses??”

Shen Xuan is also very speechless,This big yellow is something,I don’t listen to it.,But you call twice,Still is willing。
This time,Erochid twice,Did not hear the same,This is what I ignore myself.。
Shen Xuan walked directly,I pulled the rhubarm.。
“go,go,With me!”
The big yellow http://www.eiviy.cn wronned two throats,Facelessness,Standing on the side of Lin Wei,Do not want to go。
Good guy?
Also played?
Shen Xuan also a little speechless,Isn’t it very strong?,Why is it still so wronged today?!
“Xuan Ge,Dahuang doesn’t seem to be willing to go.?”
Lin Rong can’t help but say。
“Do you want it?,It has just stayed here.,It seems afraid of what?。”
Xue Qing also nodded,Say:“Is it what it is feared??”
Be afraid of a fart!
Shen Xuan does not believe this ghost,Even the tiger is not afraid,Will be afraid of lions?
This guy is definitely deliberately!
“It is definitely installed!”
Shen Xuan directly grabbed the rhubarb,Take the front place,The big yellow is not a way.,Have to follow back,Go to the front。
“The rhubarm is very miserable.,Forced to fight the battlefield!”
“Flush,Several http://www.diaojs.cn lions in the district,A fart!”
“Xuan brother,Conquer lion group!”
http://www.wchats.cn ……
Both live broadcasts are a loud voice,Help Shen Xuan refueling shout。
Yang Shich will also be silent.,I have always thought that Shen Xuan is acting.,Those animals including the forest are actors he finds.,Now it seems,It’s wrong.。
This young man,Is there really!
Cave,Ye Nan Tian and others are nervous and guarded in the hole,I have been staring at the little lion,In the cave,There are a few people who are bitten is blood.,Dying interest。