Autumn skincare begins with balance

Autumn skincare begins with “balance”

The core of the latest international beauty concept is to pay attention to the balance of the skin.

In other words, “balanced” skin is the number one criterion for perfect skin.
.hzh {display: none; }  这里的“平衡”指肌肤天然的生理机能:水分存送、油脂分泌、敏感反应、结构组织4个方面的协调平衡,惟此皮肤才会呈现最佳状态。On the contrary, if the above 4 aspects are out of balance, the skin will have corresponding problems.
  Understand the principle of skin balance, crack the alarm of skin imbalance in time, take precautions to prevent it properly, and let your skin calmly cope with this eventful event.
  警报一 皮肤干燥、缺水、轻微脱皮、出现干纹  皮肤解密:水分存送机能失调  最佳对策:紧急补水  建议进行补水护理,要特别注意选择含有天然矿物质、高效补水因子、天然复合维他命、Skin care products such as collagen and hydrating ingredients.
  Expected effect: Restore and maintain normal water content of skin cells.
  Alert 2: Skin oil is insufficient or oily, and whiteheads, blackheads, and acne appear. Skin decryption: The best countermeasure for oil secretion dysfunction: Balance oil secretion. It is recommended to perform balanced oil care, and choose care products with oil absorption, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.
Pay special attention to cleansing and eliminating inflammation for skin with strong oil secretion.
  Expected effect: balancing facial oils and eliminating inflammation.
  警报三 皮肤脆弱、发痒、出现红斑  皮肤解密:敏感反应机能失调  最佳对策:紧急脱敏  建议到美容院进行专业消除敏感护理,如在敏感期可采取疗程护理,每10天护理1 次,In order to achieve the effect of quickly eliminating sensitive reactions and enhancing skin resistance.
Make sure to choose soft and non-irritating products during the treatment, preferably for sensitive skin.
  Expected effect: restore skin’s natural defense function.